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Hello I’m Ray!
Today I’ll be teaching you guys, in English, how to play Pokemon Go!
Three days ago, Pokemon Go has finally been released in Taiwan
and everyone is really crazy about the game
As for myself, I’ve also been captivated
Originally, the Monday video was gonna be about English Learning
but I’m just dying to share with you guys my thoughts about the game
so today’s video...umm...yep
However, I’ll be doing the video in English
so that’s still kinda has something to do with English, OK?
Like... a tiny bit related, so
if you wanna see Chinese subtitles
please do remember to turn on the CC captions
So today I’ll be giving you four basic tips
on how you can become a Pokemon Master
and be the best of the best
So, as you can see I’m level 19, just a little bit away from level 20
So, I've started just 2 days ago
and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way
so that’s what I’m gonna share with you today
Tip 1: How to Catch a Pokemon
We all know that you throw a Pokeball to catch wild Pokemon
but there’s actually a difference between
nice, great, and excellent throws
When you’re catching Pokemon
hold the Pokeball and observe the circle
So, depending on the size, if you hit the circle
you’ll get nice, great, or excellent throws
If you manage to pull (it) off, you'll get extra catch rate
so that’s especially good
if you’re trying to catch high CP or rare Pokemons
Another way to boost your catch rate is the curveball
It'll take some practice but the way I do it is
I’ll spin it at the left bottom here and roll it out diagonally
OK, let's see if we got it. One roll, two rolls, three rolls! Got it! OK!
So, with the curveball, you also get some extra experience points
Oh! I leveled up! I leveled up! Level 20!
Tip 2: Incubating Eggs
The only other way to get Pokemons currently is by hatching eggs
You’ll have to go to the Pokemon menu and swipe *left to see your eggs
You can get eggs at Pokestops. The maximum you can carry is 9 eggs
they come in three different sizes, 2k eggs, 5k eggs, and 10k eggs
If you put your egg in egg incubators
then you’ll be able to hatch those eggs when you walk that distance
Oh! An egg is hatching! What is it? (singing in anticipation)
I would recommend having 9 incubators up and running at all times
By default, you’ll get this infinite usage incubator
when you start the game, and the others you’ll have to get
by leveling up or buying them at the shop
For your reference, I’ll put an image here
to show you all the different Pokemons that you could get
by hatching 2K eggs, 5k eggs and 10k eggs
Tip 3: Powering Up and Evolving Pokemons
This is the most important tip! OK?
Listen to me carefully
do not
power up or evolve your Pokemons too early!
A Pokemon’s value is in its CP or Combat Power
Now, when you’re lower level
you’ll be more likely to run into low CP Pokemons
But as you gradually level up
you will meet more and more powerful Pokemons out in the wild
Oh! Clefairy! Let me catch this
Anyway...err...I was saying…
If you power up or evolve your Pokemon too soon
you’ll be wasting a lot of stardust and candy that’s hard to come by
plus in the future, you’ll be meeting more powerful Pokemon
out in the wild when you are higher leveled
So right here I have an example for you
If we look at this one right here, this Bulbasaur
I caught on my first day, it’s a CP 40
If I had powered this Bulbasaur up
I would’ve wasted a lot of stardust and candy
But as I play more, I started finding better Bulbasaurs out in the wild
This one is almost 10 times as powerful as my last one
So what I recommend is
to hold off powering up and evolving your Pokemons too soon
Wait until you are at a higher level
when out in the wild, Pokemons are far stronger
So that way, they’ll be a better investment of your stardust and candy
Also, with your extra Pokemons
you can transfer them to the professor and get candies
But be careful, you won’t be able to get that Pokemon back
once you’ve transferred them
Tip Four: Using Booster Items
There are three booster items in game:
incense, lucky egg, and lure module
They'll help you catch more Pokemons and level up faster
I would suggest using lucky eggs when you’re just starting out
because when your Pokedex is empty
getting new Pokemons grants you a lot of experience points
and lucky eggs double that
So even trash Pokemons like Caterpies and Pidgeys
will grant you loads of XP
this is the only time you’ll appreciate them
On the other hand, incense and lure modules
will attract more Pokemon to your location
One is placed on yourself, like this
and the other is placed on a Pokestop, like this
There you go
So, which one should you use?
If you’re gonna be moving around, then use an incense
If u're gonna be staying in one spot near a Pokestop, use a lure module
And that’s the four basic tips I have in store for you today!
Hopefully that will jump start your career as a Pokemon master
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click on the button to subscribe to our channel
We have new videos up every Monday and Thursday at 9 PM
You guys playing Pokemon Go?
What is your highest CP Pokemon?
Please comment down below and let me know! I’d love to know!
And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!
Actually I have one last tip
Join Team Mystic, blue team
It’s better than the other two
Team Mystic for the win! Wooooot!
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4 Must-Know Pokemon GO Tips! // 精靈寶可夢必修 新玩家指南

41607 Folder Collection
Ray Du published on August 9, 2016
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