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[Neon Genesis OST plays ]
(10/10 would watch )
[Neon Genesis OST continues ]
(get in the damn robot shinji!)
(Project Hitler Networks Presents)
I am your new- uh
I ran out of ideas..?
So today, I'm..
So... from now on.. I'm going to..
So from now on I'm going to report the news!
(This wont end well...)
reporting-- I'm doing the news now.
(Everybody type in the comments Pewds is a beautiful bastard)
I hate drama, but I need to do this, this is my purpose.
This is my real purpose and I think this might be, my core message.
I made that video, I do- do- I'd still stand by,
I do hate drama, but I need to do this drama show now, 'cause
Keem is quitting (Praise Odin for that), and Scarce is..
Scarce *laughs*
LET'S- I need a- I need my- I need to be original here, otherwise this is not gonna work.
Uhh *Keemstar's "LET'S GET RIGHT INTO THE NEWS" plays*
LET'S GET SLAMMING ON THE PewDie-Pewbs will get into the news..
Let's go inside
[Rethinking his choice of words]
Let's go inside the stories!
I like that one, actually, let's do that one.
Let's go inside the stories!
The scoop! Oh no that's better, scoop is better.
(I have so many questions with this picture)
Let's get into the latest scoops!
Our first story- you will not believe!
Scarce has come out as homosexual.
*dramatic music*
Also his parents confirms, that- they think he is gay now.
(Just show them your browser history)
(MY parents would be terrified)
We reached out to Scarce
for a comment
about the situation..
And/I'm/gay/I told my parents/I'm gay alright?
and/my mom/is super homophobic/um both of like my mom and my dad-
actually like, grabbed my balls!
and/they both sincerely think i'm gay now
Oh my God I just- I cant fuckin believe it and I'll see you later peace!
[Back to you Pewds]
has confirmed
that he is the vice president of CS GO..
As you can see here on the title and thumbnail
Oh my God
I need to create a website as well (pewdsroulette.notascam.com)
Hail Hitler!
(Seriously what the hell is this?)
Another breaking story this is a big one guys
iDubz has also come out as gay
in his, coming out video
I'm gay!
(Hi Gay, i'm Bob)
(Zoom just incase you're blind as a bat)
Now I don't personally give my opinion on the show, no matter what
But I personally think
this is terrific (STFU Pewds!)
Everyone support iDubbz (This is the internet!)
in this.. (You can shove your opinion)
decision.. (Up yer arse!)
Uhh, he made
The next news might shock you
It involves a dear friend of mine and uhh
you know it pains me to do this
but Jacksepticeye says
I got to see all my friends
(Say what now?)
Jacksepticeye doesnt have any friends (You just called him a "dear friend" a while ago)
why is he lying about this? (You had one job Pewds!)
We dont know
Why did Jack lie about the situation
We dont know
Coming up next!
noobs (???)
nudes (?????)
The next scoop is..
shock you
(That grammar shocked me)
A scientific breakthrough has been done in the YouTube community today
As Roman Atwood (Did I spell that right? I dunno the guy)
Discovers water colder than 0 degrees
(Calling something from 2 years ago news)
(God dammit Pewds you had one job)
Now we didn't know there was possible for c- water to be colder than 0 degrees
But it seems that Roman Atwood, has done it
He also attempted to swim in this wa- coldest water ever
and it seems that he survived somehow
Could Roman Atwood be a superhuman
We reach out to Roman Atwood for a response
Roman Atwood, is tha-
were having Lo- Roman Atwood live here on the skype
Totally not Pewds: Yeah dude I just, went in- I found the coldest water ever
Totally not Pewds: And I just went straight in
Totally not Pewds: I needed to prove, you dude that it was
Totally not Pewds: Sick dawg!
Thank you for your, continued support, in the YouTube community
Roman Atwood has murdered his own children
(Kid looks plenty alive to me)
(Also this happened 2 years ago)
(Goddammit Pewds you're not doing this right)
We reach out to Roman Atwood for a response
Totally not Pewds: Yeah dude its just, its just a clickbait, uh, title!
So you're saying you didn't murder your children?
Totally not Pewds: Yeah man, I wouldnt- I wouldnt- I wouldnt do that dude
Then why did you put it on the title?
(Cause fuck you thats why)
Roman has yet to leave a response
The next scoop everyone..
Leafy decides to leaf (Mandatory pun)
He is, officially done
with YouTube. And..
I for once support leaf- *Couldnt hold it in*
There have a lot of scoops today but
but there are
many more scoops to cover
Wait, whats this?
Whats this?
News team? (I think you need help Pewds)
Whats this?
Comedy shorts gamer has found the best game ever (Bear simulator)
(It's 1 year ago, I'll give you a pass)
[Zooms incase you're cant see for shit]
Could ComedyShortGamer, potentially suffer from amnesia? (RIP in peace Amnesia videos)
We reach out to ComedyShortGamer
For a response (loudscreamaheaddontsayididntwarnyou)
(Jesus Christ that scared the living shit outta me)
This just in..
right now live on the scoops
Pewdiepie's dad
is gay
(Now this is news!... Sort of..)
We reach out to Pewdiepie's dad for a response
Absolutely news breaking
Hey guys!
Next up
It look like FaZe rain murdered his roommate
Pretty big news here
I dont kmow if its true or not
But it seems like theres a knife
going into his roommates back
I'm not gonna dig deeper than this because
It dont fucking matter for shit
But it seems, yes, FaZe rain did murder his roommate
That was it for this weeks-
Obs- Obscupse (Wut?)
Hope you're all a fan of this new show format
That I will do for a year and then quit (So much burn in this video it hurts)
Keem just come back (not) I cant do this, fucking job alright?
I dont- I cant
Cant do it
Favorite and like this video for more ehh
Ahh... Scoops
Pewdiepie now over a lot of subscribers
[Neon Genesis OST plays again and cue the eva intro rip off ]
(Im just gonna let other subtitlers write their stuff here)
*Random Hitlers*
(Praise NERV)
(Guess I have to do it for him again huh?)
(Like and favorite if you enjoyed)
(Blah blah blah...You probably know the rest)
[Insert brofist here]
Heyo Bros!!! I'm Jose haha
(This is weird music)
(Okay its growing on me)
(Great.. Now I like it..)
10/10 Neon Genises best OST
(Pewds forgot its supposed to be longer than 10min)
(Stay awesome bros!)
(Great thumbnail there Pewds, you practically set the comment section aflame)
(Actually, this whole video is a flame war)
(What? Still here?)
(There's nothing to see here move along)
hihihih subtitles
Now we know you only stayed for the subtitles
(What the fuck are you doing?)
(Get a core message!)
I guess you never leave, huh?
You know when you have a really catchy song on your mind?
Maybe something like
baby don't hurt me
don't hurt me
no more
Now you've wasted a lot of time.. just leave
No? Still here?
Alright, you are..
Now I got a confession to make.. Since no-one knows who I am..
I am...
ok seriously thats all
Stop wasting time.. I got no more to say
Actually I do..
Micheal stop messing up the subs
Don't vote Trump
Almost finished
just a few more seconds!
*Squirtle Squirtle*
HI MOM!!!!!
Hey baby! You look like trash, can I take you out? (Great job, you stayed till the end for a split second horrible pickup line)
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New Drama News Show: DRAMA SCOOPS! (Pewdiepie, pewdiepie, pewdiepie)

925 Folder Collection
趙文煜 published on August 8, 2016
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