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  • - One person's kink is another person's fetish.

  • (funky music)

  • BDSM is bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism.

  • - It's the mental and physical aspect

  • of being told to do something.

  • It encompasses so many things,

  • and most of them are pleasurable.

  • - BDSM should be safe, sane, consensual sex.

  • If it's anything other than that,

  • then we should be worried (laughs).

  • - You find two complementary people.

  • One who likes to do things, one who wants to receive things,

  • one who wants the incredible sensations of feeling,

  • the other one who wants

  • to cause those sensations upon someone.

  • Ladies and gentlemen repeat after me

  • - BDSM never has to be painful,

  • if someone's not into that.

  • And it should never be violent.

  • - There's a big difference between BDSM and abuse.

  • BDSM should be a situation where you can't wait

  • to see your partner, to have a scene.

  • It should be something that allows you

  • to be creative and play,

  • and it's supposed to be sexually exciting and fun.

  • - BDSM is rarely about sex.

  • It contains sex--

  • - But it's not the payoff.

  • Sometimes I feel like he's having sex with me

  • with his eyes, and he hasn't touched me.

  • It's actually better than normal sex.

  • - Yeah.

  • - Least with you, honey (laughs).

  • Wait for it

  • - [Master Eragon] There are some really hot clothes,

  • things that stimulate the skin, rubber, latex.

  • The sweat between the rubber

  • and the conditioners on the latex feel great.

  • - A lot of BDSM can be in plainclothes.

  • A lot of people like schoolgirl outfits.

  • Some people have a hospital fetish.

  • - I like a suit, honestly that's what I do.

  • Wait for it

  • - Plain vanilla sex, actually it's commonplace.

  • It's not everyday that we go and I tie her up

  • onto the floor and just go crazy with her.

  • No, I very much enjoy making love.

  • - Yeah, vanilla sex is great.

  • It's just sometimes we like a little bit of

  • chocolate sprinkles on our vanilla ice cream.

  • I think most people know it somewhere inside.

  • If you like do something that's unusual,

  • if something away from the norm turns you on,

  • if you like being held down when you're having sex,

  • you're kinky.

  • - I think you know if you're kinky

  • when the average normal vanilla sex

  • doesn't do it for you anymore,

  • and you start finding other ways

  • or noticing other things about yourself

  • that you didn't before.

  • Perhaps you like a certain smell,

  • or maybe you like to wear a certain outfit.

  • All of those things might indicate

  • that you're stepping outside the box.

  • (woman laughs and gives amused protest)

  • (woman screams repeatedly and laughs)

  • - It's not even on.

  • - [Woman] (screams and laughs) What?

- One person's kink is another person's fetish.

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