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The great master Ip Man once composed the origin of Wing Chun.
My ancestral master Yim Wing Chun, whose nationality of origin was Guangdong.
Her mother died early and her father Yim Yi was almost framed into jail.
He then brought Wing Chun along to Mount Daliang.
They ran a tofu shop there for a living.
Yim's tofu shop
I'm Wing Chun, I love to smile
and I love seeing people smile.
Smile, without seeing the teeth.
It shouldn't be only seeing the teeth and without seeing the eyes.
Wing Chin, you're so nice.
She's Wing Chun, a happy girl.
She gets happy as she sees others happy.
I have a little request.
Please smile more often.
I think your smile...
would be so charming.
My dad, Yim Yi who was once a disciple of Shaolin.
He has been teaching me kung-fu since I was small.
So I used to think that my kung-fu is good.
Then I found out that my father's kung-fu is just so-so.
But the dish he made is just wonderful.
Here comes the pepper!
This is my cousin, Ying Chun, she has good manners.
But she hates to smile.
So there're so many customers curious about her.
Luckily, we have Bro Cow.
He's my cousin's guardian.
My lovely Ying Chun, come here.
Give me the bill, please.
You're so pretty...
Two tofu and one tofu pudding.
That will be 5 dollars for total.
Is the tofu nice?
Be careful, sir.
It's nice...
The tofu is nice...
Bye, sir!
Wu Yin, a carpenter.
His craftsmanship is good and the price is reasonable.
All the furniture in tofu shop is made by him.
His smile is cute.
His problem is he lost to me in a match for grinding beans
but he refused to admit that.
It is a peaceful small town.
Uncle Chicken, he's a kidult. He often designs different games to play with us.
That's gambling, our neighbors love that.
They would gamble for Wu Yin runs away for denying his loss...
...whether I will run after him or even I would get him or not.
Also whether we will get into a fight and who will win.
As long as everyone is happy for that, I will do it.
Uncle, you'd better advise cousin
not to hang around with Wu Yin anymore.
I did, but she just didn't listen to me.
I can do nothing about it.
You're conniving her too much.
Am I conniving Wing Chun?
You're not conniving her, you're spoiling her.
Mr. Wong.
Mr. Ku.
Your eyes are black, how many days you've not slept?
Have some tea.
Go ahead...
Mr. Wong, Mr. Chan.
This is called Mount Dew.
It's a famous tea in Sichuan.
The smell is strong and it tastes sweet.
From Tang dynasty till Qing dynasty,
it used to be an imperial tribute.
Imperial tribute, it's wonderful.
Good tea...
It's really a good one.
Teas yielded from different places will have flavors.
Even for different seasons,
we will have different methods of fermentation.
In spring, it's better to taste fruit tea.
It's not being fermented, it'd be like teenage girls.
It's so refreshing.
While in summer, we'd try Longjing.
It's gentle and elegant.
It's like drinking with a beauty, so carefree and joyous.
In autumn, we'd taste Tieguanyin.
It's fragrant and "sweet" aftertaste, it's like chatting with a beautiful woman.
For winter, we'd go for aged Puerh.
It tastes mellow, smooth, thick and rich.
The smell originates in the lower abdomen and rushes to the head.
It will be so refreshing.
Mr. Leung is so educated.
It's time to reveal my little trick.
Come here and let them see that.
Please check it out.
Watch careful.
Aren't his black eyes and eye bags all gone?
They're all gone.
Would tea leaves have such magical effect?
You're right!
Not just this.
Fatty, how do you feel?
I'm so energetic now.
There's a power running through my body.
I have to release it.
My appetite is getting better.
It's so wonderful.
Young master.
Dad! Mom!
Tell him to go to Liang Shan, you got it?
Dad, mom, I'm back.
Look, our son is back.
Son, you're back!
Dad, mom.
You're back?
Have a seat.
Come on, have a seat.
Where have you been?
I've been to Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi.
Dad, you wanna get a new snuff bottle, right?
I bought a refined one, see if you like it or not.
Dad, see it.
Good stuff.
Of course.
I've been growing up in a scholarly family and with your teaching,
wouldn't I have a bad taste?
Son, you've a bias in favor of your dad.
Mom, I also have something for you.
Let me see.
A pair of jade cups?
Dad and you love drinking tea.
Then you could have it together.
Do you still remember
your dad's friend, Uncle Yim?
You told me that many times already.
He's a Shaolin disciple, he's from a scholarly family too.
He has a daughter, Yim Wing Chun.
She's so gentle and educated.
It's in my mind already.
I mean, Chou,
you're going to Sichuan for purchasing.
I want you to go to Da Liang Shan
to visit Uncle Yim's home.
Mom, your hair looks great today.
You're so attentive.
But not everyone would appreciate that.
Look, not again.
I've been enjoying it for so many years.
My eyesight is getting weak though.
Well, you mean...
it'd be my fault, right?
What do you mean?
What's wrong with you?
Do you wanna fight?
Come on! Ain't I scared?
Dad, what did you say about Uncle Yim?
He saved me when I was young.
He's our benefactor.
As Mrs. Yim gave birth to Wing Chun,
we decided to be in-laws.
Uncle Yim used to write to me
saying that Wing Chun is a nice girl
who is taking good care of his business.
Mom, I don't even know how she looks like,
how could I marry her?
There's a portrait of her, look.
Dad, are you sure?
You have to go to Mount Da Liang,
to meet your fiance.
That's it.
Buns, meat buns.
Leung Bao Chou, my prearranged fiance.
He's quite handsome and educated.
He's good at business.
But he's not virile enough.
I like a manly man.
It's unfortunate that I had been too rough
as I first met him.
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Wanna run?
I quit... I lost.
Till now?
It's too late, go!
Wing Chun won...
Chou, I've never imagined
there would be such a girl in the village.
She's fighting so hard and fierce.
She even ripped off his clothes, look.
It'd be a nightmare
to the one who would marry her.
Love you... beat you up!
It's this one.
Let's go inside. Okay.
Is Bao Chou coming?
Bao Chou.
How do you do, Uncle Yim?
You don't have to, have a seat.
Fatty, bring over my parents' gift.
That's so nice.
Uncle Yim.
This is Da Hong Pao from Mount Wuyi and the foreign Ceylon tea.
Hope you will like it.
You have gift for me?
Ying Chun, put that inside carefully.
We have been friends for generations.
Bao Chun, have you eaten yet?
Well, try our famous dish.
They are all made from tofu.
Eating veggie? I'd rather...
It'd be my honor.
Go ahead.
Ying Chun, serve Bao Chou for me.
I'll get Wing Chun here.
Yes, uncle.
Bao Chou... Dad!
No more gypsum, I've to buy some...
Excuse me...
Hello, Wing Chun.
Excuse me.
Who is he?
Excuse me.
Oh my god!
Jesus Christ!
How coincident?
But Confucius said before...
the best is to get away at once.
Did he say that?
I said that.
That young man outside...
is Uncle Leung's son...
You... Wing Chun!
Listen to me!
He came all the way from Guangdong to here.
You'd better get changed and meet him.
Where's Bao Chou?
He left already.
He left?
Ying Chun, why did Bao Chun leave so suddenly?
Uncle, Mr. Leung had a diarrhea
and he went back to motel to have a rest.
He said he...
Too bad.
Is this okay?
Where's he?
Cousin, he's gone.
No, he ran away.
I spent much time to dress up, how dare he ran away?
What the hell!
Wing Chun!
I can't run anymore.
Can I have a rest?
If she catches up, I'd have nothing to say in reply.
It's your idea!
Let's go!
Let's pack up and go for the next business meeting.
I said get away, I never said run.
He's gone.
Which motel he's staying at? I will get him back for you!
That's enough!
How dare you blame him?
If you didn't ask me so many questions just now
and kept him waiting, he wouldn't leave though
Are you blaming me?
You are speaking for others instead of your own daughter?
I lost face and being so ashamed,
it's all your fault!
How dare you say that?
Let me go and comfort her.
It's my fault.
I didn't listen to you and made you mad.
Your mom died so early.
I have been raising you as a boy.
And you have to take care of the business, too.
You are a girl though.
I almost hold up your marriage.
You always say this.
I'm willing to do that.
A man should get married on coming of age, and so should a girl.
It's so important for a girl to marry a good husband.
I don't wanna get married though.
I will take care of you forever.
I will beat anyone who bullies you.
Come on, who needs you to take care of?
I won't hide from you then.
Leung Bao Chou, who came to our shop today,
is your fiance.
That decision was made when your mom was dying.
You never asked me whether I want it or not.
It's my marriage, why did you make such a decision for me?
You marry to him if you did it.
Harmony casino
It's impossible.
I've delved into it for four months to get a winning trick,
it'd be perfect and no risk at all.
Today's really not my day.
Sorry to make you lose money.
I'm sorry...
If you bet on Big, I'll bet on Small,
or just the opposite.
That's the winning trick I got.
I just thought of another trick,
Tomorrow, I will win for sure.
How's that?
I found out the reason why I lost.
Is there a drug store nearby?
Drug store?
How dare you fool me?
I'll kick your ass!
Where is it?
Gambler Cheung.
You lost again and you wanna mess around?
None of your business!
Hey... someone wants to buy your tofu.
I'd better not hold up your business.
I'd come for your tofu next time.
One should be forgiving.
If you're not in a rush, please come in to have a drink.
It's good to have a rest.
No need.
I am Yim Wing Chun.
The drug store you're looking for is in the front and turn right,
then go straight.
Thanks, Wing Chun.
Dad often says that I'm nosy, but not this time.
It's fate that brought Master Ng Mui and I together, she became my master.
And it changed my life.
Are you mistaken?
It wouldn't be like what you said though?
It is.
I didn't mistake it.
I just can't take that.
You used to tell me that Wing Chun
is so educated, gentle
and she's good at business and housework.
She would be the best girl in town.
But the one that I saw...
she dressed like a man.
She's so rough, shrewish
and she likes beating others up.
If I marry her...
we'll fight very often,
and I'd be beaten to death though.
You don't want your son
to be beaten up, right?
Is she that fierce?
Better than mine?
You're better for sure...
What about comparing to your mom?
Mom is better though.
won't be scared by your mom and me, how could you get scared by her?
You have to go to Liang Shan village with us
to meet my in-laws.
That's it.
Cousin, with your birth date and time
and I got good lots from different temples for you.
You two are destined to be a couple.
I didn't lie to you.
If it's so accurate,
did you do it for Bro Cow and you?
You little rogue!
I'm talking about your stuff, be serious.
Close your eyes.
It's the same.
From now on, you need to change.
You have to be a gentle
and elegant girl.
Don't I look
like a girl?
Cousin, you look good on my clothes.
Of course.
How dare Leung Bao Chou gave a cold shoulder to me?
Let me tell you, if I see him again...
he'll be a dead meat!
Look at yourself.
You have to sit and smile like a lady.
There's a proper way to walk.
Smile, without seeing the teeth.
It shouldn't be only seeing the teeth and without seeing the eyes.
When you sit, you just sit on the edge of the chair gently
and don't lie on it.
Just sit on the edge gently.
You can't lie your whole body on it.
Cousin, be more gentle. Come on.
Walk in small steps.
You have to walk slowly.
Walk in small steps.
You little imp, I'm gonna hit you.
Naughty girl...
You missed...
The market today is so crowded.
Place your bet...
Everybody, I gotta go now.
Go for it.
Looks very alike.
Look, why did he come out?
Is the tofu good today?
Take care, sir.
Am I mistaken? Is it Wing Chun?
Young master...
It's Wing Chun!
Gao Fuk, what have you been doing?
Why didn't you tell me there's such good stuff?
Beauty, what's your name?
Young master, her name is Ying Chun.
Here comes the shredded tofu.
Go... Hurry!
Cow, serve this customer.
His name is Gao Shing, he's the young master of a rich family from the next village.
Don't ever mess with him.
Master Gao, what would you like to eat?
Wing Chun?
I heard that there's a bet and the loser has to grind beans for you.
I do wanna try that.
Alright, come on.
Ain't I scared?
But if you lose,
you have to work here for three months.
Okay, but if you lose,
you have to be my wife.
And Ying Chun can go with you too.
Wing Chun and Ying Chun, that would be exciting.
Hold it!
Let me give her a lesson.
Don't move!
Wing Chun!
My walnuts!
Young master...
Young master...
Hurry! Help young master to get up!
Wing Chun...
Wing Chun!
Young master... what should we do?
I'm hurt, try to delay that.
Our young master really likes Wing Chun's beauty and her kung-fu.
He wants her to be his wife.
However, it's a bit rush today.
We haven't well prepared.
after three months,
we will come back with betrothal money and bridal chair.
And our young master will have a match with Wing Chun.
If we win, Wing Chun have to marry my young master.
Mr Gao, thanks for your love for my daughter.
I think that's the deal.
Okay! Contest for spouse, I like it.
Let's have a match after three months.
Be there, let's go!
Uncle, how could you promise that?
Yeah, boss. You couldn't promise that casually!
A wise guy knows when to retreat.
Wing Chun, you're no match to Gao.
Let's go back to discuss that.
Ying Chun, you better get hurry.
Dad, you're so coward.
It's all your fault!
Abbess, have some tea!
Abbess, have some tea!
Today, it's fortunate that you helped.
So that Wing Chun wouldn't get humiliated.
Not at all.
Mr. Yim, the kung-fu that Wing Chun practiced...
Is it from Shaolin?
I taught my daughter kung-fu.
I'm a disciple of Shaolin, I spent a few years there to practice kung-fu.
are you from Shaolin too?
Shaolin encountered a tragedy.
Don't you know that, Mr. Yim?
Please tell me in detail.
In the past few years, Shaolin was famous for kung-fu. The Qing government worried about that.
The government bribed a traitor of Shaolin, Ma Ling Yi.
They attacked Shaolin from within and without.
The temple got burnt and caused numerous death.
Only Bai Mei, Zhi Shan...
Fung Dao Tak, Miu Hin and I managed to get away with this.
Then we have been keeping our incognitos for further plans.
And I...
disguised myself and came to Liang Shan.
Everyone Drug store
Just listen to me, that would be fine.
Doctor Chan, I gotta go, thanks.
Take care, Mrs. Wong.
Have a seat, sir.
Have a seat...
Excuse me...
Doctor, I can't sleep at night and it's like something is burning inside my body.
And I can't see and hear clearly, any cure for that?
My family's secret recipe can get rid of your internal heat
and it will help you to have a peace of mind.
I'm Chan Tung, may I know...
I'm Ng Mui.
Sorry, I didn't recognize you...
This way, please.
This way.
The villages around here used to be important spots
of the Silk Road and the Ancient Tea route.
And it's also an important route to foreign countries.
Last year, I bought a drug store here.
I was meant to connect chivalrous guys from different places.
I never thought that I would find this secret route to the mountain.
And it would lead to the other side of the mountain...
There's a temple on it, it's so privy.
Abbess could stay there for a while.
We have to get revenge for our fellows.
There's nothing we can do for now.
Let's talk about that later.
Mr. Yim, we are both from Shaolin,
I really like Wing Chun very much.
I would like to teach her a new fighting style.
With her talent, if she practices for three months,
she will defeat Gao Shing.
That's great!
Thank you, abbess.
Thank you! Thank you, abbess.
Wing Chun, come with me.
This way.
Come on.
Master, it's beautiful here.
The view is so nice.
Why haven't I come here before?
You do have a good foundation with your Shaolin fist from your father.
You won't lose to Gao Shing.
But woman's strength is not as good as man.
You would lose if the match is taking too long.
The boxing that I invented
is using soft to overcome hard.
The distinctive feature is it's close distant attack.
When the centerline of both opponents aligns,
the distance would be the shortest, the punch would be loaded effectively.
The centerline is crucial.
You have to protect your centerline tight.
And attack your opponent's centerline,
together with the flexible stance,
and control the moving forward and backward and the timing of exerting the force,
you can hit your opponent by yielding your opponent's strength.
I'm now teaching you Siu Nam Tao.
Siu Nam Tao is the basic technique.
It's the foundation to control your strength in short distance.
Nam Tao means thinking.
To recognize the whole through the observation of a small part.
You have to be calm, concentrated, without distracting thoughts.
Bridging, it means searching for arms.
It's a way of intercepting opponent's attack.
The main point is yield to a greater force from your opponent.
With the most direct route and fastest speed
to dispel your opponent's attack.
You have to be relaxed when doing wing arms, never push against your opponent
and go with your stance.
Use lower wing arms for protection.
So the way you project your wing arms have to be rigid.
Your palms and your arms have to be in a straight line.
Once touching your opponent, you have to be relaxed.
Darting fingers, it's another way of attack.
Long bridge, striking your opponent's attack and dispelling it simultaneously.
There's no fixed styles for this.
You have to change it when you're using it.
You have to remember these pithy formulas and methods.
Going with the flow of attack, forward execution flow.
Striking your opponent's attack and dispelling it, occupying the centerline.
Going with the flow means avoiding to counter the strike directly.
Borrowing power from your opponent and add your own force
and go with the flow either to pull or push your opponent.
Forward execution flow means in close range combat,
you won't have time to see, you have to rely on your instinct.
When you feel there's no resistance from your opponent,
attack your opponent simultaneously.
Striking your opponent's attack and dispelling it simultaneously.
To attack as your defense.
Attack would be the best way to defend.
Occupying the centerline means taking up the centerline.
Body, it's the centerline position.
What is it?
W, A, N, G
This is "Wang".
3 times 7 equals to what?
It's 10.
Master, are you kidding me?
I remember a story which was told by Master Wai Chung in Ming Dynasty.
He says, man got to have wisdom.
We have to look at a single thing from different perspectives.
So we have to use our brains wisely,
so as to defeat your opponent.
Sticking hands, it's the practicing method of this unique boxing.
It doesn't have a fixed form.
It mainly trains your reflex and feeling
in order to get an advantageous position.
During the attack and defense, you have to make your opponent revealing his weakness.
And you have to grasp the chance to attack instantly.
So you have to practice hard.
Train up your instinctive reflex,
then you can master your skill proficiently.
It'd be good practicing with different opponents.
So as to adapt to different variations.
Don't mess around, go and help!
Let me. Safety is the most important point.
Sir, take care.
Uncle Chicken, you're here.
I've learnt some new moves.
New moves?
He doesn't want to play with me.
Give me a break... I can't...
Wing Chun, may I play with you?
Come on! Wing Chun.
Dad, come and practice.
Okay, you better watch out...
Awesome, right?
Silly girl, I just let you win.
But I won't.
Master, the meal is ready.
Not bad though.
You do cook and decoct.
Your father should be so happy to have a filial daughter like you.
Happy the hell?
He always says that I behave like a man.
Master, do you have your own family?
Before I became a nun, I had a daughter.
But she died once I gave birth to her.
If she's still alive, she'd be at your age.
Master, you just take me as your own daughter.
Once you take me as your disciple, I will treat you as my parent forever.
I will take care of you from now on.
I know that you're filial.
But I get used to be alone...
and I'm fine for that.
I'm so appreciated for your kindness.
Right, your father is quite old though.
You should find yourself a good husband so that your father wouldn't worry about you.
Dad tries to force me to marry Mr. Leung.
I don't like him.
I just don't like him.
For no reason, so capricious.
What a naughty girl.
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Wing Chun! Ying Chun!
Gao Shing is here.
Wing Chun, they also brought the bridal chair.
That's too arrogant.
You have to defeat this bastard.
Uncle Chicken, shall we gamble today?
No, I'd like to root for Wing Chun.
Our master comes here to get his wife today.
What the hell!
Wing Chun...
Be calm, don't fall into his trap.
I've prepared the bridal chair to bring you home.
save it for yourself.
please be my witness for me.
My daughter, Wing Chun is going to have a match with Mr. Gao Shing.
If she loses, she will marry him.
If he loses,
he will work in my tofu shop for three months.
It's just a friendly match today.
Not to hurt each other anyhow.
Please get ready.
Cut the crap.
I wanna go back earlier for the bridal chamber.
I have a more refined way for this.
What is your refined way?
Why did you draw a circle?
Fight within this circle.
Both attack three times, the one who falls out the circle will be counted as losing.
Honey, such a small circle, it'd be so close.
I like it.
Well, I'm coming.
Gao Shing is so nasty.
If you know where he'd attack on you,
you can attack him in advance while he's unprepared.
You lost!
Right! You lost!
Go home!
It's yours inside the circle, outside the circle, it'd be mine.
That's my word!
My teeth!
Where are my teeth?
You, I'm gonna kill you!
You said,
outside the circle it's yours, it'd be mine inside the circle.
That's my word.
Fellows, go!
Still wanna fight?
Help me to go back!
Help master out!
Abbess, thanks for your help.
I'd never forget your kindness.
Wing Chun won for herself through her hard work
and her passion in kung-fu.
You have to practice hard from now on
and you'll be somebody one day.
Thanks for your teaching, I'll work hard.
the government is trying to arrest the followers of Shaolin.
I won't come down unless it's necessary.
I don't want to get you into trouble.
If anyone ask about me, don't tell them you've seen me.
It's a matter of life and death, do remember that.
I got clues that
the five rebels from Shaolin already escaped.
They got hidden in Guangdong, Guilin, Sichuan, Yunnan.
It wouldn't be a problem though.
No way, you have to kill them all.
You have three months
to kill them all.
I know you had an affair with Ng Mui before.
You won't practice favoritism, will you?
If you make it, I could get you promoted.
If you fail, you should know the consequence.
Thanks, my lord!
I will do my best
to repay your kindness.
Did you get traced?
But on the way, my fellows got ambushed.
Is everyone here? Yes.
Master Kam.
I let one of them alive as told by you.
But I heard that there're surviving supporters of Shaolin in Liang Shan village.
I could go and check it out.
Don't do that, I will be there.
Go after! Hurry!
Just marry me if you have no other choice.
Stop there!
Look, how beautiful it is.
This green one looks great, mom.
Mr. Yim, long time no see!
It's been a while, Mr. Leung.
Mrs. Leung!
Mr. Yim, how's your business lately?
Share your blessing, it's fine.
Mr. And Mrs. Leung, let's go inside.
Okay... Let's go inside.
I fucked up.
Why would her fiance
come at this time?
Wu Yin, what did you tell Wing Chun?
I screwed up today.
Mr. Leung.
Liang Shan village is a small town, what do you think?
Although it's small, everything is here.
Uncle Leung, please.
Aunt Leung.
It's nice.
This is the tofu snack that I made, please try it.
It's yummy!
It tastes good!
Thanks, Aunt Leung.
Son, you try it.
Let me.
Let me...
Mr. Leung, do comment on this.
Not at all.
Good tofu would taste good.
Let me...
Good food needs to have an expert
who will appreciate that, right?
It's hard to find someone who would appreciate that.
Mr. And Mrs. Leung, as you came a long way to here,
and it's still early...
I should take you to look around.
Good idea.
Fatty, you still wanna eat?
Come with us.
Have a chat with Wing Chun.
Yes, mom.
Last time, you left without saying anything, what do you mean?
You disliked me because I'm too rough?
I think you're a mommy boy,
you don't look like a real man though.
You just hang around with your parents all day long.
Often gets into fight with guys on the street,
is that what a lady should do?
What's wrong for being a courageous girl?
It'd be better than being a sissy like you.
I like giving a lesson to someone like you.
Don't be so proud of knowing a bit kung-fu.
There is always somebody out there
who is better than you.
How dare a sissy give me a lesson?
Do mind your words!
So what?
Nice gentlemen should not contend with ladies!
Oh, there are flowers on your handkerchief.
Is that for a girl?
Can I have a look?
Stop that!
Stop that!
What's happening?
Why you two got into a fight?
Apologize to Wing Chun!
Wing Chun, come here...
Apologize to Bao Chou.
Dad, she started this first.
You said I'm a tomboy, no one would marry me.
I didn't say that.
You said I'm not a lady, that means I'm a tomboy.
You distorted my words!
It proves that I'm a girl.
This is great!
What you think you're doing?
That's unbelievable.
Mrs. Leung is right, one should stand for the truth.
Are you trying to stir up the trouble?
I'm just being honest!
Mr. Leung, it's your luck
to have such a good wife!
You know how to appreciate that.
Look at you.
It's getting worse.
She said I'm sissy, not a man.
Look at me, that's a man.
Or you can ask your mom.
Those were the days.
Mrs. Leung, you said great.
You're still laughing?
Dare you laugh, how do you teach your daughter?
How do I teach my daughter?
How do you teach your son though?
Does it mean you have reason by raising your voice?
Dad... Mom...
You're so unreasonable!
You're not making sense!
Get your hands off me!
Will you take Wing Chun?
Do you hate my son?
How come you do it for real?
Mr. Leung, we've got no choice.
Okay! I will go for it!
Will you two be reconciled?
Be sincere, don't force yourself.
It's alright!
They are fighting so hard, go and stop them, hurry!
Dad, stop that. Stop...
Uncle Yim... Stop...
Mr. Yim, your kung-fu is still with you.
It's good for you.
Mr. Leung, your punch...
is really powerful
That's enough!
Happy now?
Yeah. Yeah.
Sorry about that.
It's okay.
Cheers! Cheers!
Have some more...
Bao Chou, hope you'll like the food.
Let's drink up, come on.
My honor...
Uncle Yim, you're so nice.
Come on... cheers.
Ying Chun, let's drink up.
I'm drinking for her.
I'm so happy today.
I never thought that they would be so reasonable.
Regardless of the misunderstanding you had before,
the most important is to be sincere.
Just say it out whatever you have.
And everyone is happy, right?
I have arranged Mr. And Mrs. Leung to go for an opera.
After that we'd have a drink and have a real good chat.
You two just arrange for yourself.
Come on... Okay!
Let's drink up! Come on...
Let's go.
Dad, take care.
Have fun.
Aunt, uncle, bye.
Take care!
Come back!
Drink! I drank too much.
Let me.
Cow, you drank too much.
Just a sip.
Bro Chou, look.
The ten maxims for getting along with people!
You always teach me that
we have to pay more respect to others.
Miss Wing Chun, she's such a courageous woman.
She knows how to take care of her family and...
Yeah, sociable.
That's what I meant.
Look... It's coming now.
Not even an apology, that's too disgraceful.
We have to trust others.
So I believe that last time Bao Chou had a diarrhea...
was real.
Right! It's real!
I just knew that woman is stingy.
Be more forgiving and generous.
Forget about the old grudges.
Come on! Cheers! Forget...
Be more considerate.
Hope that Chou
would be alright after his diarrhea.
And there won't be any sequela.
Be more understandable.
What's wrong with you? Why so nice?
To praise more.
Mommy boy.
Don't be too proud!
Be more helpful
Tomboy, cut the crap!
To care more.
Without any good words, wanna fight?
Bad companions have bad influence, it's no good...
Speak bitingly, be careful!
Do I fear you?
Mommy boy.
Watch out, Chou.
Be careful!
Dare you say...
Safety is the most important, to have more space.
It's not safe to me at all.
Have more space!
It'd be too dangerous to get up.
I'd better lie down.
Lie down.
Let go!
I won't!
I won't too.
I got to touch Wing Chun's hand if there's a chance.
A woman's hand is soft and warm, it's top grade.
It's hard as wood, you'll be a jinx.
Don't blame me for not warning you.
Top grade.
Why did you grab my hand?
Having held your hand...
I'll be with you forever.
What did you say?
Everlasting... and unchanging.
We all have love.
Wake up!
Anything happened last night?
How would I know? What did you do?
Cousin, what's with you?
What happened last night?
Who took off my clothes last night?
You were so drunk last night, Bao Chou got you to the bed.
I took off your clothes.
My head is killing me.
I'm going to bed.
He's not a masculine guy.
He's a gentleman.
Mr. Yim, please take care of Bao Chou.
Mr. Leung, you don't have to worry.
Uncle Leung, my dad
will take good care of Bao Chou.
You have to listen to Uncle Yim as after we left.
Yes, mom.
Take care...
Take care!
Let's go.
Wooden dummy, besides training our body,
footwork, variation, attack and defense,
it mainly trains our accuracy.
Take it as your opponent.
You can practice sticking hands with it anytime.
Wing Chun.
Wing Chun.
Is something bothering you today?
Master, what does it mean by "Having held your hand, I'll be with you forever"?
Being together with your loved one for the rest of your life, it'd be the most joyous thing.
I understand, that's everlasting and unchanging.
It's gonna rain soon.
Master, you're marvelous.
How do you know it's gonna rain?
I once lived in the mountain for quite a while.
I used to practice in the forest.
I had seen different kinds of birds.
And they have different habits and forms for flying.
Man used to be a part of the nature.
Man and the nature have the instinctive feeling.
Mui, I want to be with you forever and never be parted.
Impossible, we are from two opposing sects.
When I take over the master post, I will amend our rules.
That's a taboo, won't you be scared?
No matter it's a sect,
for you, I could confront the whole world!
When I was young, I fell in love with a guy.
His name was Kam Ying.
He's a disciple of Serpent sect
But he's from a poor family.
He used to be edged out by others
and never had the chance to take over the master post.
And I was a disciple of White Crane sect.
At that time, our sects were hostile to each other.
We both got expelled by our masters.
And I was pregnant at that time.
The disciples of Serpent were ordered to hunt us down.
Brother, please don't kill her.
She's bearing my baby.
Then you go with us.
Kam Ying!
For a monk, all physical existence is a vanity.
To see through the vanity of life, that's difficult.
To forget the past, that's much more difficult.
I can forget about the people.
But I can't forget about my kung-fu.
How's that?
Strained a bit.
I will give you some herbs for that.
You stew it with a pork in soup.
This will reduce stasis, improve blood circulation and ease your tendon.
It will cause diarrhea, so don't use too much.
Thanks, master.
What kind of man would be considered as a nice guy?
As distance tests a horse's strength, so time reveals a person's heart.
The time you spent with Bao Chou is still short, you have to watch for a longer time.
A nice guy...
would be responsible and would stand up for justice.
This is my dad's gift for Uncle Gao's 60-year-old birthday.
Hope you'll like it.
Uncle Lau is so nice.
Dad hasn't returned from the palace, I would take it for him.
Gao Fuk!
Put the gift in the study.
Yes, young master.
You came all the way back from your work.
That's really kind.
I must serve you good.
I will bring you to brothel tonight...
Sounds good!
But I heard that there's a famous shop here.
You mean Yim's tofu shop.
Their food is nice, the cashier is famous for her beauty.
She's tofu Xi Shi.
Her kung-fu is not bad though.
Bro Cow.
Wu Yin.
What are you talking about so happily?
Mr. Leung promised
to serve us nice food in a while.
Me too?
Of course!
Wing Chun, boss said he's not feeling well today.
He went back to have a rest.
Not feeling well?
I should go home and check it out, bring this back to the shop.
Wing Chun, what's this?
Herbs, it enhances blood circulation and relaxes your muscles and joints. Good stuff.
Master said you'll have diarrhea if you have too much of this, you have to put it right.
Cow, what's this?
Herbs, it enhances blood circulation and relaxes your muscles and joints. Good stuff.
Good stuff?
Keung, put a little bit in every pot.
Good stuff then you should put some more.
Put some more.
Come on...
The main course is here!
Salt baked stuffing duck!
Everybody, please try my cooking.
Do comment on this.
Let's go for it.
Mr. Lau, it's here.
What smells so good?
Dongpo's Pork. Enjoy it.
I will fetch some more.
We are meeting again.
Bring me some for what they have.
Sorry, sir.
We are having our private dishes.
It's for us only
not for others.
Bring it here, let me try.
Why did you take my dish?
Mr. Lau.
Please try.
It's nice.
Sorry, sir.
You're not welcome here, please leave.
Tofu Xishi...
Your hands are so smooth.
Behave yourself!
Take your hands off!
Let me show you what I got!
Cow, are you alright?
Don't move! Sit down...
I love to fight.
Ying Chun!
Why did you hit us?
You're bullying the weak, disregarding the laws.
Gao Shing!
No more fight, let's gp...
You're lucky today, I let you off for this.
That's really outrageous.
What happened?
Gao Shing came messing up the place and Cow got hurt.
Wing Chun, he molested your cousin.
Bro Cow, you'd better see the doctor.
I will report the case.
Don't stir up the trouble, forget it.
No way!
He hurt Bro Cow and molested my cousin.
And our shop is such a mess, we can't let him off.
No... my stomach is killing me...
I can't hold it anymore, I gotta go.
Why is everyone so strange?
They all have diarrhea.
What about Leung Bao Chou?
He's fine, his kung-fu is quite good.
He blocked Gao Shing for Cow and saved him.
He has diarrhea too, he just went out.
Cheerful Brothel
Sir, which girl are you looking for?
Buddy, I am here for another mission.
I have to catch Ng Mui and other rebels from Shaolin.
Good! I would help you out
and double up for you.
You rascal! I'm out of here...
Master Gao...
This way, Master Gao.
This way...
Who are you?
I'm here to ask for justice!
Someone help...
You wanna go down? Let me help you!
Let me help you then!
Up there! Over there!
Where the hell have you been?
Are you hurt?
Your kung-fu is quite good, who taught you that?
Are you alright?
It's okay.
It's on fire...
Master, watch out...
I know who she is.
She is Yim Wing Chun from the tofu shop.
Leung Bao Chou, am I wildful?
Being willful for justice, that's your character.
And you're an emotional person.
Am I wrong?
Even if you are, it's my fault.
I can't stop you from getting wrong, that's my responsibility.
So it's my fault.
Even if you're wrong
as long as you don't admit that, it's not your fault though.
It's all my fault.
Why did you say that?
Because you're my wife.
My wife will never be wrong.
Having held your hand
I'll be with you forever.
Everlasting and unchanging.
Is Wing Chun's kung-fu taught by a nun?
Her moves are completely different from before.
Master, I do remember that.
I saw a woman before, she seemed to be a nun.
When was it?
Last time you fought with Wing Chun.
But she vanished in a blink.
Do you think she's a ghost?
It should be her.
Ng Mui.
She must be hiding in the town.
Search the whole town.
We have to get her!
But the town is so big, it would be hard.
We should lure her out.
Who is the boss here? Come here!
I am, what is it?
Get him!
Why did you get him?
I heard that your tofu pudding's nice.
I'd like to try.
Cow, you go ahead.
It's so nice.
I'd like to meet the one who made such yummy food.
Sir, I made it.
I'm Yim Yi, thanks for your praise.
Do you have any secret recipe?
No, I was learning while I was making it.
With an honest operation, the most important is to have the heart.
What an honest person, good.
Is there an Abbess Ng Mui here?
Do you know where she lives?
I know nun loves to eat tofu.
You just didn't notice as she came, right?
Think it thoroughly.
I've never seen a nun in town.
And we also serve meat here.
As long as she's a good customer, whether she's a nun or what,
we would serve.
This little girl is so eloquent.
Look at the way you stand, you should know kung-fu.
Just a little bit.
I do admire girls who know kung-fu.
Hope you could keep an eye on that.
If there's any news about the nun,
please let me know, I won't let you get nothing for that.
Who was being rough to this guy just now?
Sir, it's me.
I get you here to protect the people
but you did bully the weak.
I hate this most.
I will wait for your news.
Kam Ying is highly skilled in kung-fu, his move is fierce.
If he can't find Ng Mui,
he won't give up on this.
I have to tell master about this.
She must leave at once.
No, they are watching you.
You can't go.
Well, let me do it.
Uncle Chicken, as you're so old,
they would follow you if you go.
Just because I'm old, they wouldn't do anything to me.
Absolutely not.
They wouldn't have mercy for this.
Let Uncle Chicken and I go and distract them
then you can go up to the hill from another route.
We don't have much time left, that's the only way now.
Uncle Chicken...
Wing Chun, don't worry.
Good man will be blessed.
I have known you since you were a child.
I still have to attend your wedding though.
I have to pass this barrier.
Uncle, you don't have to worry.
I will be with her.
Wing Chun, you're right.
Be kind, but not to be coward.
You guys get going.
Watch out!
Watch out!
This way! Go!
Go! Go!
Uncle Chicken!
Uncle Chicken!
Never thought... you're so good.
I haven't showed them what I got.
They are lucky.
Wu Yin...
Last time, I asked you what you had said to Wing Chun.
You haven't told me yet.
Just marry me
if you have no other choice.
I knew that already...
Liang Shan village... filled with love.
Excuse me, have you seen Ng Mui?
She left already.
She left?
Ng Mui.
Are you Ng Mui?
I am.
I'm Kim Ying, I'd like to offer you to work for the imperial government.
I'm just a nun, I can do nothing at all.
Sir, thanks for your praise.
Never mind, as long as you want to.
I have given up everything, I just want to follow Buddha's practice.
A wise man submits to circumstances.
Ng Mui, if you swear allegiance to the imperial government, let bygones be bygones.
I promise you would be nicely taken care of.
There should be life and death in the world.
I did understand that.
Shin Mui.
They know that we are friends, so they send me to persuade you.
I know that you hate me
But it's so urgent at that time.
For saving you and our baby,
so I went back to my master.
I thought you would know my reason for that.
And I had been looking for you after that
but I couldn't find anything.
Shin Mui, can we live a life we had previously?
I'm willing to give up everything I have.
You're willing...
Are you willing to give up your wealth?
I will, after one thing is settled.
To help me out by telling me where the four rebels are.
Kim Ying. You're so despicable!
You're not human for saying something like that!
If I can't leave a good name to posterity...
I will leave a bad name though.
You bastard!
You treat human life as nothing for getting your promotion!
Woman wants love
while man wants power.
Anyone who blocks my way would be dead!
Are you alright?
It's okay.
If Ng Mui runs away, you will all be dead.
Whether it's dead or alive, wait till you beat me.
How dare you!
Wing Chun!
Wing Chun!
Are you alright?
Bao Chou, go this way with master!
Wing Chun, you...
Bao Chou, you go to help Wing Chun
She is so kind-hearted, without any hatred.
I'm afraid that she would be defeated by Kim Ying.
Wing Chun!
Wing Chun!
Wing Chun! Wing Chun!
Bao Chou!
Bao Chou!
You must hang on...
You have to hold on...
Bao Chau!
Wake up!
You can't die...
You promised me that
you would be with me...
forever and ever.
Wing Chun!
Bao Chou...
Bao Chou...
You still alive?
Abbess said you didn't have that hatred...
it'd be hard for you to kill Kim Ying.
So... I'd rather die...
Why are you so stupid?
Grave of Wu Yin Grave of Uncle Chicken
let's move to Foshan together.
Then I can take care of you.
I have my own plan.
Bao Chou, take good care of Wing Chun.
I will.
Abbess, please stay in my place if you go to Foshan.
You are so much welcome.
That's the deal.
What's the name of the fist that you taught me?
We have a feeling of affinity, just name it "Wing Chun".
No. 1 tofu in the world!
You would have no regrets for eating this.
Take care, sir.
No. 1 tofu in the world!
You would have no regrets for eating this.
Sir, please go inside!
Yong, serve the customer.
No. 1 tofu in the world!
You would have no regrets for eating this.
Sir, what would you like to have?
What would you like to have?
would like to try everything!
A food combo set then!
It'll be ready in a minute.
Here is the meal.
Combo set.
Please enjoy it.
What's up?
Stealing? Beat you up!
Beating up?
Come on... stop that.
It'll be on my treat.
Come on, one for you. Take it.
Thank you, sir.
Everyone will have one
You too.
Granny, what kind of fist is it? It's so great.
Wing Chun.
Is Wing Chun famous?
Good question!
Will I be good at fighting after learning this?
Kid, what's your last name?
My last name is Ip.
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Wing Chun (2010)

319 Folder Collection
雨夜独行 published on August 7, 2016
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