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  • Today, you're gonna be eating this.

  • What is that?

  • What is it?

  • -What?

  • What in the world? Is it alive?

  • It wiggles like Jell-O!

  • It looks like it has spikes on it.

  • Ugh, no, no!

  • Ugh.

  • Smells like dog food.

  • But I don't mean dog food that your dogs eat.

  • I mean dog food that would just sit there for a week.

  • It smells like B-U-T-T.

  • It looks like an organ, or something, or a stomach.

  • It looks like a stomach.

  • I can't imagine myself eating this.

  • And now it's time to eat it.

  • We've prepare it inside a taco for you.

  • Good, I like tacos.

  • Oh, this looks good.

  • It tastes like regular chicken.

  • Not bad.

  • Actually, wait. Not tasting so good.

  • It's actually good. Wow... wait.

  • First it was good, but now it's kind of gross.

  • It tastes like really burnt meat.

  • Hmm! It's pretty good.

  • It tastes like meat, kinda.

  • Hmm. It's good!

  • It's okay.

  • It kinda tastes like the normal meat you would have in a taco.

  • It has no flavor.

  • It's kinda like fried chicken,

  • but the fried part with only a little bit of chicken.

  • It tastes like beef or something.

  • I think it's steak.

  • I love steak, so I hope it's steak.

  • That looks like the cow tongue I ate

  • and it tastes just like a cow tongue I ate.

  • Just tell me what it is already.

  • You just tried a tripe taco. - What's that?

  • Tripe taco?

  • What does that mean?

  • Keep talking.

  • I know what a taco is, but I don't know what a tripe is.

  • I know what it is. It's food!

  • Tripe is taken from the stomach lining of cows,

  • and then cooked.

  • Can I have a water please?

  • Cow... stomach.

  • I think that's nasty!

  • Cool!

  • Cows have four different stomachs,

  • which all have different looks and textures that are used in recipes

  • all over the world. - It's not that gross, actually!

  • My dad and my brother eat menudo, but

  • Mm! So it's basically close to steak.

  • I guessed it from the spongy kind, but not this.

  • So do you recommend that people try tripe?

  • No.

  • Yes, it's good! It tastes like steak, and I know you like steak.

  • They should not. It has a really bad aftertaste.

  • Yes.

  • Sure. I'm like, "Aw, poor cow."

  • Now I'm eating it and I think it's good.

  • He's probably like, "That guy's so mean!"

  • Thanks for watching this episode of Kids vs. Food on the React channel.

  • Have you ever tried tripe? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Bye!

  • Adios.

Today, you're gonna be eating this.

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