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[jazz piano music in background]
-(Waitress) Thank you so much for coming in;
Let me know if you guys need anything;
and your waiter should be here shortly.
-Thank you so much, Gina.
-It's Jai-nuh.
Oh. Interesting name.
So... What's up?
The ceiling, lights,..
You could probably see for yourself if you looked.
No, I meant "What's new?" .
Developments in technology, medicine,
probably more iPhones, I dunno.
Still the same old guy, huh?
Look, let me just be frank with you.
I'm really confused. I mean,
we haven't spoken in years,
you don't return my calls,
and the last time I saw you was right before you left
and you were so mad...
[wind] [sentimental music]
Do you have to go?
[Sigh] You already know, though.
Well, have a safe flight.
Have a safe flight?
How dare you put that kind of pressure on me!
-What? -I'm not the pilot,
I can't control the safety of my own plane.
-No, I... -Let alone the entire flight! [scoff]
You know, sometimes you can be really insensitive.
[music ends] [door slams]
Huh. I used to look a lot different then.
Anyway, why did you leave? [sentimental music]
Why were you so mad?
[music stops] -Who's Frank?
-What? -You said "Let me just be Frank with you."
-Who's Frank? -Frank?
Frank is not a person, it's a figure of speech.
-Oh. -God, you really are still the same!
Look, Lana, I'm trying here.
You know I have literal disorder.
I know. I'm sorry.
That's part of the reason why I invited you here tonight.
'Cause I wanted to talk about...
(Waitress) Can I get you guys something to drink?
-I'll have a water please. -Just ice for me.
Okay, and I'll be right back.
Thanks, Jai-nuh.
My disorder... It can't be fixed. -What?
[epic music] -- When I left that day I went all over the world to find a cure.
I went everywhere. From China... to Thailand... to Russia...
[music pauses] -- I don't get that one.
-(Man) Yeah, can I get a check? I'm rushin' here. -(Lana) Oh.
[music resumes] -- to Turkey, Chile, Greece, Hungary,
I even went all the way over to Iceland. [music ends]
-(Waitress) And, your waiter should be here soon!
-What about here in the U.S.? I mean,
We have great medical technology...
The first place I checked was the us!
So you brought me out here to this random restaurant,
to tell me that not only is the problem that broke us up still here,
but it's getting worse?
Frankly, I don't even understand why we're still...
-What Frank are you talking about? -There is no Frank!
-How do you even know him? -I don't know any Franks!
And even if I did, it's not like we're dating.
-That's not the point! -Stop it.
[Sigh] I'm saw Wii. [melancholic music]
You know it gets worse when I'm flustered.
-What? -Fluh... floss turd.
-I know it's a bit of a stretch, -I'm not dating anyone.
-Sew, you don't know a Frank then? -No. Okay?
Look, this is where I draw the... [pen on paper]
Please stop finishing my sentences.
Do you even know how hard it was for me to get over you?
-I mean, I'm only like 5'8", it can't be that hard. -Not what I meant.
-Look, I know you never got over me, because I...
[music ends] I was never under you.
-I can't do this. I gotta go.
-Lana, wait. -What?
-Look, I'm just gonna break the ice,
'cause there's something I need to get off my chest.
-Why did you have a hammer there?
-I know it's been a ti......me
-Yeah. A long time.
-Right! But I still~
-Stop being still and finish your sentence.
-But I still really care about you.
[inspirational music] -Are you pulling my leg right now?
But I'm not lying.
I'm sitting. I'm standing up for who I am now.
-You're serious? You're being real now?
-Four reel. -Really?
-Four Rio. -'Cause if not...
-Four Wills!
I never stopped caring about you.
I don't even care about your stupid disorder;
as long as we're together we can do anything.
-Whoa, what? [music stops]
-What, what? -We can't be together.
You just said you still care about me.
Yeah, I care about you.
That's why I invited you all the way out here to tell you that...
Well, I have a boyfriend now.
[shattering glass] What?
Well, after travelling the world trying to fix this thing
I met a guy who accepted me and my disorder
and whenever I'm around him my symptoms go away.
And the reason we came all the way out to this restaurant
is because he works here and I wanted you two to meet.
Whaaat. [wind] [cello music]
-Let me just be frank with you. -Who's Frank?
Frank is not a person.
-You said "Let me just be Frank with you." Who's Frank?
Frankly I don't even understand.
What Frank are you talking about?!
I don't know any Franks!
[wind] Wooow... -(Frank) Ryan! Hi!
You must be Lana. I'll be your waiter.
I'm Frank Lee.
So you two really are gay.
You're not just saying that to try get rid of me.
-Yep. -Mhm.
Alright then, prove it.
Kiss.〔shattering glass〕
Fine. We kiss all the time.
Oh, you kiss all the time.
Yeah. I mean, we dress up in costumes and...
Makeup and everything.
-Go ahead then. Kiss. -Okay!
We're just not used to doing this in front of people, that's all.
You ready?
One, two, three, four...
♪ I wanna rock and roll all night ♪
♪ And party every... ♪
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Love Literally

17201 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on August 26, 2017    Evelyn Chiu translated    Pei-Yu Wu reviewed
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