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(party noise)
Oh my gosh you came! Yay!
Of course I did!
Oh my gosh! Wendy!
How have you been?
So, Wendy just got here.
You gonna be okay?
I mean, yeah, it's been awhile
and we still talk so...
Yeah but it's kinda like-
-you know? -I know
-Hey Wendy! -Hi
Good to see you! You too!
I'm gonna pee.
Okay, heh.
You want a beer?
Uh, later. I'm gonna go say "hi" to everyone.
Okay, well I got an opener whenever you need one.
Don't you see
You let the person who said
they couldn't live without you, realize they can.
(door closes)
Oh hey.
What are you doing out here?
Just getting some air.
Always a line or two.
Um, I'm gonna get going. But it was good to see you for a little
Yeah! Um I was pretty surprised when I heard you were coming.
-You know Pauline with these big get-togethers. -Yeah.
-Well alright see ya. -Okay.
Hey Wendy.
How are you?
I'm good.
Really though, like, how are you?
What are you actually trying to ask me?
It's just been a while since we've gotten to talk like we did tonight and
I dunno, think we should hang out more
yeah I'm around.
Cool you want to grab dinner sometime next week?
Wh-What are you doing, Evan?
Just asking to hang out.
No you're not. You know that I'm seeing someone and you're basically asking me out on a date.
I just- I just wanted to catch up.
We can catch up right here.
Why are you doing this, Evan? It's been over a year you know?
-Oh I definitely know. -So why now?
You don't think I've wanted to reach out everyday? How many times I've wanted to
text you at night?
Wow. So I was your almost drunk text?
Thank you for that!
(sigh) No, you know what...
um just just forget it this is this is coming out all wrong.
I'm sorry just never mind.
So we've been thinking about each other lately so what?
Yes, "We". Do you think that you're the only one going through this shit?
No I just... of course not I just... It seemed like you've been doing fine.
You too.
Well I haven't been.
Me neither.
So let's hang out.
Who am I to you, Evan?
You're someone I can't seem to get past.
Do you want to get past me?
I know I should. I know we've tried, multiple times, and I've let you down.
I know I should just let you live your life and I'm fucking everything up
because i'm being weak and talking to you like this, so yes I'm trying.
Then try harder.
-I am I just can't help thinking that we're not done. -No!
Stop! God!
I just imagine that there's a story where this plays out-
A "story"?!
This is a fucking story? This is real life and I am a person.
I'm not just some script hovering around to give you some drama
You're not writing this. Do you get that?
Okay. Okay. You're right.
You know
for a while I felt the same way. I think we all do.
We all want a story.
We want that perfect resolution to our heartaches and curiosity.
But this isn't a story.
So you need to stop thinking about us like you can predict or control
where we're going.
So you're not curious about us anymore?
Fuck. I mean, yes, but I'm not going to keep sabotaging my reality for the sake
of fiction.
That's what you do. That's what you did the whole time we were together.
Because in your head
real life is never as good as a story.
You don't actually want me, Evan.
You want the possibility of me. You always want me as a destination.
But, I don't think you actually want to get there.
I'm not certain that's true anymore.
But you're not certain it's not to true either.
And... that's no foundation to build a relationship on.
You gotta be honest with yourself.
With me.
You know, it took me a while to accept it and it fucking sucked. But I get it now.
And I'm in a good place and you need to get there too.
I mean, you say you want this story
but you've been stuck on this one page this whole time
No story can happen if you're not willing to turn the page
You're holding on to this one moment or possibility and before you know it the
rest of the world is going to finish reading the book and start reading new
ones and you're going to be stuck here reading the same page over and over.
You can't be so scared, Evan.
I mean, it's you and me.
It's you and me. You don't think that I don't know what that means?
It won't be the same thing as time goes on though.
And it shouldn't. It should evolve and even fade a little.
But there are certain things that will never disappear.
Those things are untouchable.
You, Evan, are untouchable.
The people were, at that time in our lives
It's untouchable.
I'll see you around.
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1630 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on August 3, 2016    l51634chun translated    Angel Cheng reviewed
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