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Hi, my name is Harry Potter.
And since all of you requested this, here is my Draw My Life.
Well it all started out pretty bad.
As a baby, I lost Mum and Dad.
See, the Dark Lord called Voldemort wanted me dead or I'd grow up to kill him instead.
So he came to our hideout one night.
And my parents put up quite a fight.
But it all was in vain, both my parents were slain.
Then he came up to me, just a baby alone.
And he didn't foresee, well he couldn't have known!
That his magic would fail and destroy him instead
While the baby'd prevail with a scar on his head
I'm the boy who lived
And oh what a life it's been
I moved in with my uncle and aunt
Who would keep me all skinny and gaunt
I was put in closet right under the stairs
They were mean, but deep down, they were scared
Then when I turned eleven years old
On a night with a wind blowing cold
The front door was smashed down, by a man dressed in brown
Hagrid came up to me, with a letter in hand
What?! A letter for me? I just can't understand!
"Oh, well didn't you know? You're a wizard Harry!"
And from that little moment on I would be free
I'm the boy who lived
And oh what a life it's been
Now began the best years that I've had
Though I often was naughty and bad
I would break every law, yes it's clear
I can solemnly swear I was up to no good.
I met two of my best friends for life
And who knew?! Now they're husband and wife
I played Quidditch on brooms, we explored secret rooms
Learned as much as we possibly could
There were so many things to be done
Though they weren't always jolly and fun
At the end of each year, the Dark Lord would appear
and attempt to regain all his might
Through a Sorcerers Stone, or a book
He kept going, whatever it took
When the Goblet of Fire worked just as desired
He finally came back to the light!
Then we fought to the end
I lost so many friends
They were all so much braver than me
But I did what I could, I stood up for the good
And fulfilled the prophecy
Then I married the girl of my dreams
I think we make an excellent team
We are raising our three darling children
that we named for people we loved and we lost
Now I often look back on those years
With a smile, but also with tears
Though I'm sure that the future will bring something new
A new evil to fight, a new story to tell
Ten more chapters to write, and more novels to sell
Ten more movies to make, and more theme parks to build
Crazy records to break, the whole world will be thrilled!
'Cause I'm the boy who lived
And oh what a life it's been
I'm the boy who lived

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DRAW MY LIFE - Harry Potter

52153 Folder Collection
Zenn published on November 24, 2016    邱文琳 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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