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  • Sometimes you're not good at starting points,

  • but, we're very good at finishing.

  • So that's a very clear example of what we have here.

  • A couple of months ago,

  • the people were judging us if we can deliver this stadium the Velodromo,

  • and everything's there.

  • Well, our budget is something around 2.5 billion dollars.

  • That's the number that we have.

  • There is some expenses that along the way,

  • we have to really define

  • if it's proper or not, if it's proper to close the budget in the end of the Games.

  • But today, we can tell that we are balanced.

  • What the State has contributed right now,

  • is something like 400 million reais for the Games.

  • And the debts that they have is something like 11 billion reais.

  • So you can see that there is no correlation between the investment that they have done in the Games

  • and the situation that they have.

  • So the games is not the one that's driving that situation for the State.

  • We have improved from 20% to 50%, the sewage around the Guanabara Bay.

  • So I think the 80% of the Guanabara Bay when that was created was not really technical basis for that.

  • It was a simple calculation and someone, let's say, mentioned that point.

  • And I think a very important lesson is that,

  • the Games needs to be an instrument of developing the city,

  • not the other way around.

  • After the Games,

  • we can really have a legacy.

  • Let's say,

  • that we are not only about the coast,

  • we are not really about the shore,

  • we are not only about the beaches, and so on.

  • If you're talking about all the service that will be around,

  • the numbers of training,

  • the number of people that we are teaching English,

  • that we are doing these investments and so on,

  • is absolutely fantastic.

Sometimes you're not good at starting points,

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