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Hi there.
I'm Stephen and I'm David, and where the happy pear.
We're from Greystones County Wicklow Ireland, and today we're gonna cook for you
an Irish Root Veg stew with a
kale, Kokan and mash. Okay, so first thing I'm gonna do
is that I'm gonna get my potatoes on the boil so I'm just using
simple. These are quite waxy potatoes
they're called. And you know why we didn't peal them? The main reason why we didn't get it because
most amount of nutrients in spuds
are in the skin. So now the potatoes for our Kokan are cooking,
it's time to start our stew. So I'm just going to add two tablespoons of oil
into the pan. So I'm going to start with the red onion.
So why are you using red onion Dave? Well Steve, I'm using red onions just because I like the
So use whatever kind of onions you want.
So now I'm just going to chop four cloves of garlic
to get that really base flavour going on.
So now we're going to pop in our carrots and parsnips. I'm gonna
I'm going to slice them up really nice and fine. The carrots
are the longest thing to cook in this dish. Next up we're gonna hack up the parsnip
again, I didn't peel it.
Most amount of nutrients are in the skin. Beautiful. So now I'm just going to add a teaspoon of salt.
Got a couple of bay leaves. In they go, and then we're going to add thyme in.
thyme. Irish stews are generally quite herby, so
get your thyme and we're just gonna take the leaves off the stem of it now.
So now, get your leek. Again, same in England and Ireland - most people just use the white of the leek,
whereas in Spain they typically use the green of the leek. We're going to use
all of the leek. All of the leek. Again, hack the backs off,
give it a really good clean, because leeks can be quite manky. And again,
I normally split her down the middle like that. Flap her out.
And then I kinda like some chunks in my leek. Here, we go
in goes, ze leek.
Now in goes the rest of the green of the leek. Woaah.
OK, so in our version of this veggie stew,
we're using white wine to just give the sauce a bit more
depth of flavour. Just get some sweetness in. Just really kinda get those root
vegetables sweetness of them coming out.
Oh, that's a lovely sound. So I put in about a hundred millilitres of white wine
and again that's just to really kinda lift those bases root veg to get that sweetness coming out.
Really accentuate and get a more syrupness to the sauce.
Okay, so now we're just gonna get our stock on. Gonna get our stuff together
So I'm just using a traditional veggie stock
You know in an ideal world you'd make your own veggie stock, and you'd have
12 hours sleep. But this, this is a 30-minute dish, so we're going to knock it out quickly.
It's like a litre of veggie stock that I just added in.
So now we're going to add our lentils.
We've rinsed them and drained them already, so
in they go to the party. Welcome to the party lads.
So the last thing I've got to do is add three tablespoons of tomari.
It kinda works instead of Worchester sauce or something like this in stews,
Okay, so now we're going to turn it up high, and bring it to
the boil and then leave it to simmer for fifteen minutes. Just so the carrots and the parsnips
are properly cooked.
and that's it, it's really simple. Okay so when the lentil stew is cooking I'm just going to finish our Kokan
and mash.
So our potatoes at this stage are well and truly boiled. I'm just going to knock them off the heat.
And I'm gonna drain them and rinse them. Hello boiled potatoes. So Kokan,
very traditional typical Irish dish. It's pretty much
boiled potatoes, mashed spud and the powerful like kale.
The tremendous beast that is kale. So in goes our 150ml
of milk milk. I just got oat milk. Use whatever kind of milk.
So our kale. I've just got a good handful of kale.
Take the kale off the stem and then we're just going to chop it up nice and fine.
Looks like loads, but wait till you see it'll disappear with the heat of the spud.
So not cooking it either. So now we've got scallions. We've just got a whole bunch of scallions.
and once again, like the leek we're just going to use the whole length of the scallion.
In goes the scallion
And now we're just going to mix the whole thing up.
Okay, so now we're going to season it with a bit of salt and black pepper to whatever your taste is,
I'm putting in a base. Half a teaspoon or so, and the black pepper you know just at a good
pinch. The black pepper's just going to add a
little bit back of the throat heat. So now we're going to season the stew, and
we're gonna chive it up, add a bit of chive, a bit of garnish, and play it up and ready to go.
So most important thing with seasoning dishes just get down and taste and
people say
I don't know how to season, but it's like
right, it tastes really nice. Kind of nice well-developed saltiness,
but it does need a little bit of black pepper I think for my palette, so I'm just going to add a little pinch of
black pepper.
But with seasoning your dish, it's just to kind of get familiar with
if it doesn't gonna take trying to get that balance make the dish
taste a bit more balanced. About a little black pepper. We're gonna garnish with
Because, traditionally an Irish stew would be parsley. A curly parsley.
If you like parsley - whack it in. If you don't like curly, use flat parsley.
If you don't like that
we're using chive. Again, just because it goes well with the leeks.
Irish stew with Kokan mash took about 30 minutes to make, super healthy, high
in fibre, low in fat,
low in calories. Great for filling you up.
Like a belly hug.
Okay so here's our Irish veggie stew. Really tasty, super fantastic,
for more Food Tube videos just click over here, and to watch more of our videos just click
over here.
Lets give her a taste.
Mm, genius
Total belly hug. Really, really comforting. Great one to have on a cold rainy
It tastes like being under a duvet,
and you can hear the rain and the wind outside. That kind of feeling.
Thanks a million for watching this video we've got loads more healthy tasty
recipes over on our channel right now.
Just like this epic Nutella recipe. It has only four main ingredients and it
sugar, dairy and gluten free.
We've got an amazing healthy emerald green smoothie to celebrate Saint
Patrick's Day
over on Drinks Tube. Click on the link below to check it out.
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Irish Stew with Root Veg | The Happy Pear

234 Folder Collection
happinessfr published on August 1, 2016
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