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Breaststroke - Long Stroke Published on 2013-05-21, by GoSwim
Breastroke has more variations than the other strokes.
And here's which proving to be a very effective style.
Why Do It:
While there will always be variables in breaststroke,
here's an an option for a longer stroke, and some key points that need to be considered in this approach.
How to Do It:
1. To get the correct feeling of bodyline under water,
start with some underwater breaststroke kick in streamline.
2. Next, start a progression toward longer breaststroke with 3 kicks /1 pull breaststroke.
3. Take out one of the extra kicks, and do 2 kicks / 1 pull breaststroke, keeping the same bodyline while under water.
4. Now back to regular breaststroke, making sure you get to the same body position as you've been in on the other drills.
How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
There is no relaxation.
Just because the stroke is long, doesn't mean there is an easy part
The line you get into while under water has to be done with incredible integrity.
Every move is planned, timed, and executed with extreme precision to ward off any hint of resistance.
You'll also need to continue to develop your lungs with great and consistent underwater pulls off EVERY wall.
The decision is and has always been yours.
Be the change, or get beat by the change. It's never easy.
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Breaststroke - Long Stroke

459 Folder Collection
Zack published on July 29, 2016
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