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  • A new Jane Austen is quite a find, I think.

  • Good afternoon Fredericka.

  • Good afternoon mother.

  • I think that it's quite different from the Austens

  • It feels like a Fielding. It feels Tom Jones or Joseph Andrews.

  • It feels like picturesque. It moves really fast.

  • For me, that it'd be called "Love & Friendship" was important.

  • And I think it helped it change its nature. It's not just about one character. It's about a whole world and quite a few relationships

  • Lady Susan Vernon, you've the most accomplished flirt in all England.

  • Reginald DeCourcy seems to be motivated by curiosity and that gets him into all sorts of trouble.

  • That Lady Susan?

  • Yes, Lady Susan has been visiting Churchill.

  • Lady Susan Vernon?

  • Yes.

  • I understand Lady Susan possesses a degree of captivating deceit which might be pleasing to detect.

  • Good evening.

  • What charming expressions.

  • Unusually for romantic literature, she's sort of at core not really a very good person and yet she's kind of celebrated.

  • There's a certain pleasure in making a person predetermined to dislike instead acknowledge one's superiority.

  • So never say that you need people to make things happen, even if their motives are openly bad.

  • And I love people who are charming and can convince others of anything.

  • You think she's a genius?

  • Like the serpent in Eden's garden.

  • The character of Lady Susan is just so brilliant. She's so interesting and so flawed and so multilayered.

  • He has offered you the one thing he has of value to give: his income.

  • So, Fredericka, you read both verse and poetry.

  • The casting of an actor named Tom Bennett for the part of Sir James Martin.

  • He kind of created this character that frankly didn't exist on the page.

  • How do you do? (How do you do?)

  • How kind of you to ask. Excellent. Truly very well. Thank you.

  • Alicia is Lady Susan's best friend and confidant. I think maybe her only real friend.

  • She embraces Lady Susan in the way she is and encourages her.

  • Horrid woman.

  • I know.

  • Deranged.

  • If she were going to be jealous, she should not have married such a charming man.

  • I think Whit brings a very distinctive style to his films.

  • And i think it's really interesting to bring it to a Jane Austen.

  • Also, his characters in his other films talk about Austen a lot and argue about Austen.

  • The context of the novel and nearly everything Jane Austen wrote is near ridiculous from today's perspective.

  • Has it ever occurred to you that today looked at from Jane Austen's perspective would look even worse.

  • Jane Austen is of course a phenomenal moralist. Her stories strike at the very heart of how we question our behaviour and who we are and our honesty.

  • And these things make, of course, magnificent entertainments as films.

  • Everybody, that's a wrap. Thank you.

A new Jane Austen is quite a find, I think.

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