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[keyboard clacks]
I don't know what I was expecting.
[grooving music]
Package for Mike!
Uh, Mike R.?
Who's gonna remember all those numbers?
A latte for Alex!
Hi, this is Sarah.
Uh...Yeah, this is definitely Sarah.
Uh...Sarah with an H.
Okay, yeah, maybe next time just put full names into your phone, okay?
New guy in town, what's up, dude?
Hey, I'm Mike.
We already got a Mike, we can't call you Mike.
How about...
We already have a Mike, so we'd call you Ike!
Mike and Ike, like the candies, like the red and...
- You've eaten the candies? - Yeah, I.. I understand.
- Alright, man, I'll see you around. - Cool, see you around.
So, I will say, I did Google you last night.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
Oh, did you find any dirt?
By Googling Alex White, no, just a lot of athletes and porn stars, mostly.
Yeah, it's pretty standard.
You could have a less generic name.
So, anyway, that sounds great.
Why don't you find me on Facebook?
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Okay, great!
I'm not adding her.
Wait, why?
You know how many Sarah Millers are on Facebook?
I'll never find her.
It was good porn.
That's good.
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7 Struggles Of Having A Common Name

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林予倢 published on November 10, 2017    林予倢 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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