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Well, we are standing outside of the beautiful Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo.
Just a short walk from the Nikkei building and
from the automatic financial center.
It's five hours now since the Pokemon Go game was finally launched in its home country......of Japan.
We've already seen it taking this place by storm in the short walk over here
We've been bumping into people who were already glued to their screens, checking out where the next poke spot is.
And it's actually here, where we are standing
and they have been catching them whole morning
And I think the share price up 5 percent......Nintendo's share price
McDonald's Japan, which is also going to be......becoming poke stops
And it could be hosted poke gems for the game
Those shares went very strongly as well, they are up 30 percent since it became known that McDonald's is gonna to have this involvement
I think the launch in Japan has refocused attention
On the fact that Nintendo holds this fantastic intellectual property
And as smart phone gaming really takes off and that Nintendo becomes more involved in that
We are gonna see these crazies
becoming more frequent involving more characters that Nintendo has made it so
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Pokémon Go finally launches in Japan

48 Folder Collection
Kiara published on July 27, 2016    Kiara translated    reviewed
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