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How to Pick the Right Cat Breed for You. If you’ve decided to adopt a cat, learn what
different breeds can offer so that you can give your new feline a forever home. You will
need A guide to cat breeds Honest answers to hard questions and patience. Step 1. Decide
between purebred or domestic cats. Find a guide to cat breeds at the library or on the
internet. Fewer than 5 percent of cats are purebreds, so expect to pay hundreds of dollars
for a quality purebred cat. Check with your local shelter or with breed rescue groups
to see if they have the breed you want. Step 2. Decide between long-haired or short-haired
cats. Do you love long, silky fur and have time every day to brush your cat’s coat?
Consider a long-haired Persian or Himalayan. No time for brushing or cleaning shed fur?
Try a short-haired breed. Step 3. Decide between vocal or quiet cats. Do you want your cat
to meow and “talk” to you? Try a Siamese or Burmese. Want a quiet cat? Try a Scottish
Fold or American Curl. Step 4. Decide between active or relaxed cats. Do you have lots of
time to spend with a playful, frisky cat? Try an Abyssinian. Are you away from home
a lot and want a mellow or relaxed cat? Try a Russian Blue or Ragdoll. Want a cat good
with kids? Try a Maine Coon. Step 5. Decide between a kitten and an adult cat. Kittens
are very active and require lots of attention and training. If you don’t have a lot of
spare time, try a full-grown cat instead. It will bond with you just as well and you
will have a better idea of its personality. Step 6. Look at all your requirements, make
a list of which breeds fit best, then find out more. If you’re going with a purebred,
check with a breeder regarding price and availability. Get a breeder referral from your vet or cfa.org,
and ask breeders for references. Step 7. Take time making your decision. Finding a cat with
the purr-sonality that’s right for you will ensure a lifetime of feline friendship. Did
you know Did you know? The Cat Fanciers' Association recognizes 39 breeds of cats, including ones
with bobbed tails, no tail, curly fur, and even no fur.
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How to Pick the Right Cat Breed for You

419 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on July 24, 2016
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