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  • Let me show you how to turn any leftover roast meat, like roast pork, into a tasty Chinese street snack;

  • mouth-watering Dim Sum Pork Buns.

  • Chilli sauce, hoisin sauce, black bean sauce, let's do it.

  • Pull about 300g of your leftover pork into fine shreds. After that long roast it all falls apart.

  • We're gonna go in with two tablespoons of that lovely, sweet and hot, fiery chilli dipping sauce.

  • I'm gonna go in with four tablespoons of black bean sauce

  • Finely slice the green tops of four spring onions and the stalks of half a bunch of coriander. Save the rest, we'll need them later.

  • Have a little taste

  • Oh! Heat, fragrance but you've brought that pork back to life. Fantastic.

  • Next the buns; simple and quick.

  • In a food processor put 500g of self-raising flour then you go in with 400ml of milk, a little pinch of salt just to season it up.

  • Whizz that up for about 30 seconds. Shape the dough into 16 even sized balls and grab your saucy meat filling. Dead simple.

  • Take your bun, just put your thumb in there like this and then we go in with a heaped teaspoon of our lovely mix and then pull up your little bun.

  • Turn them upside down and put them into double layered muffin cases.

  • I'm gonna use these lovely steamers, they're cheap as chips.

  • You can get them nice, big. You can rack them up; two, three, four.

  • So I'm gonna do about eight on each level.

  • Girls, do you mind just giving us a little hand.

  • Now as flavoursome as those little buns are going to be I wanna add a few deliciously crunchy and punchy sides to serve with them

  • Length wise, slice up the rest of your spring onions and one red chilli and drop them into a bowl of ice water. This will make them go crunchy, curly and stay fresh.

  • Then add the coriander leaves. Ok so get a wok on a high heat and some boiling water goes in because we want some steam going.

  • We're gonna cook those for about 12-14 minutes.

  • And behold; fluffy and gorgeous steaming hot buns packed with that delicious pork filling.

  • Yes! There you go, there's my little babies.

  • I've got some lovely toasted sesame seeds and while they're sort of a little bit clammy, really generously sprinkle those over

  • That toasted flavour is going to phenomenal

  • To serve it up, hoisin sauce for dipping and our curly, crunchy, crispy bits.

  • Grab a handful of lettuce leaves and we're good to go.

  • Come and look at these lovely, steamy buns. I think I'm gonna go for this little fella here.

  • I wanna load this little bad boy up with all the little bits and pieces.

  • A nice dip into the hoisin sauce

  • Possibly one of the naughtiest mouthfuls of loveliness that you could eat

  • All the little fragrant bits. That sort of just lovely, soppy, gorgeous pork.

  • Mouth-watering dim sum pork buns.

  • You will be so proud of yourself when you make it.

Let me show you how to turn any leftover roast meat, like roast pork, into a tasty Chinese street snack;

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Perfect Pork Dim Sum | Jamie's Money Saving Meals

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