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[Voice:] Space.
There it is.
[Jason:] First!
[Green:] Who the FUCK!! cares?
[Raccoon:] I can't wait for runch!
[Stacy:] Oh my gawd, you think there are gonna be boys at this school or what?
[Pink:] Ew. Boys have cooties.
[Dingleberry:] Adios, assholes! I'm late for a rave a rave!
Oh no! Not the explosion factory!
[Blue:] Ugh.
[Broseph:] Hahaha. Where'd you learn to walk? Cripple school?
[Raccoon:] If you happy and you know it, crap your hands!
[Stacy:] Hey bitch, want a pixie stick?
[Pink:] My mom says those turn you into a whore.
[Stacy:] Probably!
[Green:] First day of class?
[Blue:] Yeah. [Green:] Splendid! Mine as well!
Say, there's a young JERKFACE!! looking for you!
Says he wants to beat your BUTT!! until you die!
Ha! Ta-taa!
[Blue:] Whee. *sigh*
[Broseph:] 'Sup, brah. You new here or what?
[Blue:] Uh, yeah. First day.
[Broseph:] Must be.
Cuz otherwise you'd know that this see-saw is for fifth graders.
[Blue:] Ah, uh, sorry. I didn't know.
[Broseph:] Yeah? Price for playing on the fifth-grade playground
is your milk money.
[Blue:] But, I'm lactose-intolerant!
[Broseph:] Really? Well let's see if you're fist-tose intolerant!
[Blue:] (crying)
[Broseph:] What's the matter, blue kid?
[Blue:] My mom says I drink to much water, that's how come I cry so much!
And pee! [Gross!]
[Broseph:] You know, I got held back five years,
but my muscles didn't!
Old McDonald had a farm, now you're gonna die, nerd!
[Blue:] No!
[Broseph:] Huh? What is that?
[Green:] Look! It's an ASS-teroid!
[Broseph:] N-n-no!
[Blue coughing]
[Red:] 'Sup.
[Blue:] Huh?
[Stacy:] Oh my gawd, who's that?
[Kid:] It's a new kid! Get him!
[Fighting music]
[Stacy:] Oh my god, you're sooo sexy!
[Red:] I know.
[Blue:] Dude, you saved my life!
[Red:] I know.
[Blue:] What's your name?
[Red:] I know! - I mean, I'm Red.
[Blue:] My name's Blue. And no matter what happens,
I promise, I will always be your friend!
[Red:] I know.
[Electronic outtro music]
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Dick Figures - First Day of Cool (Ep #34)

19082 Folder Collection
柳俊竹 published on May 8, 2013
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