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Logistics free power, what’s that all about?
Well VPE has really bottled that you might say
And made backup power at cell sites
A really extraordinary opportunity here
Let’s talk about that with Dave Dekarske from VPE
Tell me about this, logistics free power, water is the primary fuel source
What’s that all about?
We have our first regenerative fuel cell that is zero carbon footprint
So like any traditional fuel cell, the byproduct is water
So unlike other competitors that we have, we grab that water
We bottle it, and we use that as the fuel source through a secondary process
Ok, Well show me how this works
I’ll explain it very quickly.
This is the main control panel for the unit, on the electro self, which monitors
As well as drives the whole system
This is our DC input, these are oxygen panels for vents
For the ingestion of the atmosphere into the system itself
This is our control panel, for the electrolyses of the water back into hydrogen.
We have our rectifiers up top
Which takes the DC and converts it back to AC
We have our electrolizer right here, which actually does the chemical separation
Of the hydrogen to the oxygen, which the hydrogen will be recompressed
Back into the system, and into our storage facility
On the left hand side, we have a 6 kilowatt fuel cell
So 101 of fuel cell is we introduce hydrogen on the anode side of the cell itself
We strip away the protons and the electrons
We introduce oxygen on the cathode side
And then the combination of the oxygen back with the hydrogen
Produces water. Water. Right, H2O
That same product gets recaptured
So after I burn through the hydrogen and my AC grid comes back on again
I take that same water we have captured
I put it through a electrolysis process
To where then, what I’m doing is removing the hydrogen from the oxygen
I take that hydrogen, recompress it back into my storage facility
As fuel for the fuel cell during the next event as it runs up
So what happens, or is there integration with solar here of any type
I assume with this machinery, you’ve got it out in the middle of the heat
You’ve got to keep it cold somehow
Absolutely, the fuel cell is a DC power source. The electrolyzer needs AC
So I need one of three things
I need either grid power, I need solar power, or I need wind power
So if you go off the grid, for some reason, a storm of some type
If you have wind or a solar component that takes care of that kind of power generation
Absolutely, we have married it with all three
I do have actual items out there that are married to solar
Primarily run on grid power and we’re just introducing wind as well
So we can be totally green energy. Green energy, producing green energy.
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VP Energy: Sustainable Fuel Cell

108 Folder Collection
songwen8778 published on July 22, 2016
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