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  • Frontside Start by trying this trick in the frontside

  • direction as many riders find it easier. Frontside 180 to tail butter, switch backside

  • 180 out.

  • I've broken this whole trick down into a bunch of stepping stones to make leaning it as easy

  • as possible. If this is a new trick for you, then try each of these steps a couple of times,

  • then spend most of your time practicing the actual trick.

  • Step 1: Sliding While riding, slide a frontside 180 then a

  • switch backside 180. Pay attention to the to the line of approach.

  • I'm setting up with using a obvious heel edge turn to slide the frontside 180 and using

  • my toe edge to slide the switch backside 180. If you watch closely you'll see that the frontside

  • 180 is more of a rotational movement where my upper and lower body both rotate together

  • and the switch backside 180 is a counter-rotated 180 where the upper and lower body rotate

  • against each other. Sliding these 2 180s will give you the most basic movements involved

  • in this trick.

  • Step 2: Add ollies Ollie a frontside 180, then ollie a switch

  • backside 180 This uses the exact same entry path and movement

  • as step 1 with a rotational 180 followed by a counter-rotated 180. The ollie is one of

  • the most fundamental tricks in snowboarding. All good riders use ollies and nollies into

  • and out of their butter tricks.

Frontside Start by trying this trick in the frontside

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