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[meteor swoops]
-(Pear) Whoa! Guys, you gotta check out this meteor!
-(Orange) Bored, b-b-bored, b-bored, bored-bored!
Bored, b-b-bored, b-bored, bored, bored-bored!
Anyone else bored?
-Yes! But mostly just annoyed.
-Whew, at least I'm not the only one! [laughs]
-[unison groans]
-Does he have an off button?
[collective screams]
[collective pants]
-(Pear) Orange!
Orange, can you hear me?
[energy beams]
-(collective) Whoa!
-Oh, pretty!
-S'mores anyone? [laughs]
Behold, I am the Mandarin Orange!
Bow down before me, or perish!
-Oh great!
It's another magical meteor that turns people into evil versions of themselves.
-[sarcastically]: Thanks very much, Captain Plot Point.
-Orange! Don't freak out; we'll get you some help.
[pulse beam] [collective screams]
-Yes, Midget Apple!
But tell me, who's gonna help you?
-[groans] I told you!
It's not 'Midget' Apple; it's Iron Apple!
[Iron Man plays]
-And now, time to really cut you short!
[hyper beam]
[record scratches]
[laser beam]
[seismic exchanges]
-Time to finish this, Mandarin!
[laser beams]
[hyper beam]
-[laughs] Heroes? There's no such thing!
-Hey! [sniffles] What a jerk!
-Tell me Iron Apple, any last words?
-Yeah! Aveggies, assemble!
-Aveggies? What's that?
-I hope you've had your tetanus shot.
-You think this ragtag team of tin cans can stop me?
I'm the Mandarin!
-Yeah, and I'm a rocket launcher.
Whoa! I really am a rocket launcher!
-Call me Snore Machine. [snores]
-Ah! Ow! I landed on my keys.
[laughs] I mean--
You will pay for that!
-Oh yeah! The Mandarin is toast!
-Is that the best you've got?
-That's my cue!
And to think, I was almost frightened!
-Grrr... yay!
-Whoa! That... was... insane!
-Totally! And yet, kind of sad.
-Heck yeah I'm okay with it!
Especially if we get to keep the suits.
-(Orange) Yeah! [record scratches]
It must be hard to find anything in 48 extra fat! [laughs]
-You're still alive!
And you're not evil anymore!
-Yeah! And what about the meteor?
-Don't ask me;
I'm a vegetarian! [laughs]
-Yay! It's still pretty!
Marshmallow smash!
-Oh no, here we go again!
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-[Orange laughs] Knife!
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Annoying Orange - Iron Apple (Iron Man 3 Spoof)

387 Folder Collection
廖亭鋒 published on July 19, 2016
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