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In a Moment of Vision...
It's the 1920s.
Flapper fashion prevails.
Woman conceal their figures in straight-sided gowns
and restrictive bandeaus.
A dressmaker named Ida Rosenthal is frustrated by the way
falsely flat chests look beneath her structured dresses
so she, her husband William, and business partner Enid Bisset
develop a line of intimate apparel that accentuates the curves.
The design consists of two cups,
shoulder straps,
and a chest band that clasps in back.
At first, the bras are included with the sale of a dress,
but the popularity of the undergarment soon outstrips that of the garment itself.
The three establish a business selling exclusively bras
and call it Maidenform.
William, in a moment of vision,
invents a graduated, standardized cup-sizing system
that accommodates women of all ages and all shapes.
During the female liberation bra-burning era of the 1960s,
Ida Rosenthal is asked to comment on the downfall of the brassiere industry.
She answers simply,
"After age 35, a woman hasn't got the figure to wear no support.
Time is on my side."
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【TED-Ed】How the bra was invented | Moments of Vision 1 - Jessica Oreck

32125 Folder Collection
Sh, Gang (Aaron) published on October 11, 2016    Tammy Wu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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