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  • In April 2015, the US territory of Guam lifted their ban on same-sex marriage.

  • This puts them ahead of at least 13 US states which still have laws on the books preventing equal

  • marriage for all. In fact, the issues of gay rights, including marriage, have become increasingly

  • relevant in just the past few years, with multiple countries stepping up to legalize

  • same-sex marriage. So where is same-sex marriage legal?

  • Well, currently, marriage between two people of the same sex is officially legal in 18

  • countries, with legislation enacted in Slovenia, and partial legality in the US and Mexico.

  • In the US, it is recognized on a federal level, with thirty-six states, plus Washington DC

  • and Guam allowing legalized gay marriage.

  • The first country to end marriage discrimination was the Netherlands. It may seem surprising

  • today, but that legislation wasn’t passed until as recently as the year 2000. In 2003,

  • Belgium also legalized the practice, but prevented same-sex couples from adopting children until

  • 2006. In 2005, both Spain and Canada followed suit. Spain legalized because of the election

  • of a progressive, socialist government, that campaigned for the issue. Canada then did

  • so because more than three quarters of their territories and provinces had already established

  • marriage as a gender-neutral issue.

  • In 2006, South Africa’s Constitutional Court ruled that banning same-sex marriage was inherently

  • unconstitutional, making it the first African country to change their views. In 2009, both

  • Sweden and Norway, allowed current and future civil unions to be consideredlegal marriages”.

  • In 2010, Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina also made the shift. Most significantly, Iceland

  • elected an openly gay Prime Minister in 2009.

  • Since 2013, Brazil, France, Uruguay, New Zealand, the UK, Luxembourg, and Finland have all

  • passed bills giving same-sex couples the right to marry. With so many countries enacting

  • equality legislation, the US is definitely falling behind. Despite the overturning of

  • the controversialDefense of Marriage Act”, which led to the federal recognition of same-sex

  • marriage, gay marriage is still not legal in 13 states. It seems as though it is only

  • a matter of time until advocacy groups get what they've been looking for, gay marriage as a universal human right.

  • America's pretty divided on the issue of same-sex marriage, but the problems run even deeper.

  • While other minorities are protected by law from discrimination, the lgbt community is

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In April 2015, the US territory of Guam lifted their ban on same-sex marriage.

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