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  • Pokemon Go How To Get Pikachu "Pokemon Go Easter Egg"

  • everyone is coming here and we are playing pull them on go again

  • now this way and today I'm going to show you how to get Pikachu as your Pokemon

  • so when you start the game if you have to start a new game to do this now trade

  • and will come so it's not gonna be a huge problem

  • you can do it on a different account and transfer a letter so all you have to do

  • is start a new game and you'll get the three pokémon's that started the start

  • every time

  • now all you're going to do is basically walk away from them in real life so I'm

  • going to speed this up

  • you walk away from them once and then all you have to do is walk away from

  • them at least four times now you can see that's the second time I've worked with

  • and when you go out of range they disappear again

  • so that's the third time I walked away and then the fourth time again I didn't

  • skip a little bit out otherwise the video would just be too long

  • so once you've walked away from them the fourth time while the door is the spawn

  • again but as you can see on the screen there is another one coming

  • now there is Pikachu and that is how you get them so all you gotta do is double

  • click on them

  • it will tell you that it's Pikachu that you're gonna get all you have to do is

  • catch him with your pokéball and then you got people to captured

  • now when trading comes available between your friends obviously

  • you can transfer back to your own account

  • if that's how you want to do it or if you haven't got too far and really want

  • to get Pikachu

  • all you have to do is to set up in your account and then just go for it so you

  • can see there's people to register to his pokedex and that is eat so hit the

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  • yeah

Pokemon Go How To Get Pikachu "Pokemon Go Easter Egg"

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Pokemon Go How To Get Pikachu "Pokemon Go Pikachu Starter Easter Egg"

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    Jones Chen posted on 2016/07/17
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