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Look at how little her legs are, they're so short
Hey guys, is Wengie here. Welcome back to my channel
And today I'm going to be showing 10 life hacks, that I would actually use myself
'Cause we all know that there's like thousands of hacks online that just are ridiculous
And you're like who would actually use these hacks?
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Actually, before I go, before we get into the video, there are bloopers at the end
Because if you guys know already, we welcomed a new member of the family, Mia, to my home
And she is being making this filming thing kind of very, very interesting
Without further to do, let's jump straight to the video, let's go
Sometimes your favourite jumper just starts looking old after you wash it and wear it a lot because of the lint
And that's when I start wearing my new jumpers instead but it's really easy to make your jumpers look fresh again
All you need to do is use a shaver if you don't have a lint remover
And it's just so easy and it actually takes off a lot of lint really, really quickly
Now, look at this difference. It's crazy how much newer your jumper can look just by removing the lint
I'm ready to wear it again, it just looks so nice now
I totally dread removing keys from key rings because, let's face it
They sometimes make it super impossible to do and my pretty nails don't make it any easier
So next time, use a stapler remover to open up the key ring
And then remove it by simply spinning the ring around while shifting over the stapler remover
And you'll get it in no time
To add a key just open it up and hoop the key in and shift it along to in the ring
There we have it, super simple. Even with this nails I can do this
I'm so forgetful that locking myself out isn't actually that rare
And if you also tend to forget things when you're constantly rushing out the door in the morning
Just stack everything on top or under whatever you tend to always remember
This is usually my phone but it can be your keys
And you won't forget everything else 'cause you got to take your phone with you
How am I going to snapchat you guys?
If you write down something accidentally on a piece of paper and you don't want other people to know what it is
Instead of crossing out normally like from left to right in a straight line
You could still kind of make out what you wrote
So next time try writing and scribbling random numbers and letters on top of what you wrote
And no one can ever figure out what you wrote underneath
Even if they go through your trash and find that piece of paper you try to throw away they can't make it out
This way your secret is safe with...well yourself so 'cause no one will know
I don't know why but I just found this super cool
Sometimes I avoid folding my clothes for so long that I just end up using the clothes straight of the clothing line
Don't judge, guys
If this is you, try putting all your clothes on your bed so you can't go to sleep until you fold them
'Cause you got to do them eventually, am I right?
I tend to always shove thing in my backpack with reckless abandon
And they come out looking just a little bit sad
But if you have any important documents that you simply can't afford to have bend or get soaked
Try getting a Ziploc bag and cut some super hard cardboard to size so it just fits in the opening of the bag
Slip it in and you'll have a little pouch that will protect your important papers
So you can put like receipts, checks, business cards
Or things that you just want to keep looking crisp, like a letter from your crush
It's been a long time since I had a crush but say you got a letter from your crush
I don't know why but somehow normal garbage always turns into liquid
And makes a home at the bottom of your bin
To avoid this from happening, take a few layers of old newspaper and line the bottom of your garbage bag
So it can soak up all the nastys before it hits your bin
No surprises
So you know when you try and throw something really heavy in a bin
And the handles just kind of like loosen up and then disappear
A handy hack is to use a wall hook up side down to secure the handles of your plastic bags
So they don't pop off when you throw in heavy things into the bin
You won't get that surprise crumble when it's crunch time
If I counted all the minutes I stood naked in the shower waiting for the water to get to the right temperature
Well okay, too much information
But if you use a marker to mark out your favourite temperature on the handle
You'll never have to do this again
If you're renting, a tip is to use a whiteboard marker instead of a permanent marker
And to use different colours for different people in the household
There you go, perfect shower temperature every single time!
I don't like it when cereal stops being crunchy when you get towards the end of the package
And to avoid a mouth full of mushy grossness, try using a colander to sift out all the little crumbs
So you can get to all of the full sized goodness
You don't have to waste the crumbs either, you can use them for a whole bunch of stuff
Like making cookies or just mixing them with a scoop of ice-cream
Can you remember every single item in your fridge or cupboards?
Not me, I can never remember what I did yesterday even so I always waste money buying things I already have
An easy hack is to take a photo of your fridge completely open, keep it on your phone
If you have too much in your fridge, you can take it in multiple angles and closeups
To avoid missing anything that you've left off in the back
So the next you're going shopping and you're unsure if you have something at home already
Just check it on your phone!
Super simple for people that are too lazy to remember anything
This is an awesome hack because you can't google what's on your fridge
Ok Google, there's an idea for you guys
So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you will use one of this hacks
Maybe sometime this week, or in the future
I love you guys, so, so, so, so, so much and I'll see you right back here in a couple of days
Bye guys!!
Every time I think you had finished you came adding more
She thinks we're trees
She is, she thinks we're trees
Ok, ok, I know you want to come up
She's a bit of a rascal
And then she's up and she wants to go down
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10 Life Hacks You Must Try!

2860 Folder Collection
kath_chaste published on July 16, 2016
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