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We spend a lot of time in relationships pointing out what's wrong with the other person
and insisting on our blamelessness.
We imagine that's a good strategy for getting what we want and for being happy in a couple, but that's nonsense.
Next time you feel strong enough that you can, for a moment,
stop insisting you're always right, try a different tack.
Out of the blue say: "sorry I'm so anxious"
"sorry I lose my temper", "sorry I don't listen enough",
"sorry I'm too preoccupied", "sorry I both want you close and push you away",
"sorry I'm not always balanced, sane or mature".
You think that might weaken you, make you hostage to the partner's vengeance.
It never does. Everything always gets better from that point.
Give it a try. Sorry I'm so crazy.
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Why And How To Say Sorry

38092 Folder Collection
Jacky Avocado Tao published on July 21, 2016    Jacky Avocado Tao translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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