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The absolute worst thing that can happen as I'm wearing a skirt is me
flashing someone and my underwear and my penis not being as in line as they should be
I can't remember but honestly I probably did wear a skirt when I was younger
and it seems that sometimes pants are a little bit restricting
I'm kind of excited to get in there and get breezy
I don't really think that I have a very sexy lower body so opening myself up
like this
is going to be quite interesting. My personal goal is to become more
confident with my body
I'm not sure about this color .This is very short. I don't think this is what we discussed
I love blues. I love whites. Perfect!
I don't think anyone really told me how hard it would be to hide my penis
these things are not very functional
I have to figure out other ways to carry things around without pockets
Why do you think I won't be able to handle it? Because you always sit like this
and you can't do that in a skirt. Look at him, look at him, look at him
improper form right there
I personally feel like I look good in this outfit but I still feel
self-conscious wearing it
I think the hardest part about this is i'm not sure if I'm matching. I don't know
if this shirt goes with the skirt
It took me a while to be like, "Oh, does he have a skirt on his body right now? It fits your look, you look good."
Okay I just got home from work and there was this family walking by and so I ran
back into my car and I mean it's totally weird because just earlier today I was
outside walking around in public wearing this skirt with friends and I was
totally fine because I had them and it kind of is
stupid that I can't do this by myself
I'm not gonna lie. The walks down the street are getting a little hard
I feel like I'm being stared at I mean I know I'm wearing a skirt and that's why
they're looking but I I guess I kind of underestimated how much it will kind of
affect me
that's interesting that that immediately if you're wearing something that isn't
considered your gender's norm that people get kind of weird about it
after the car incident my good friend Shane gave me a little pep talk
nobody cares that you're wearing a skirt except for you. Life lessons. So it's been
about a week now and to be honest um probably gonna miss wearing a skirt
it's just been a super great experience i really loved it
I was stopped on several occasions and told, "Dude I can see your penis"
so I don't get at that part .Getting used to no pockets with the things i ended up
having to carry bag around with me
it took a little getting used to but I had a lot of fun with getting
into my office
looking good .I am more in tune with my body and I like I'm more confident and I
don't really care as much about what people think
nah I probably won't wear a skirt again. It's 'cause I couldn't cross my legs. That's the
only reason why. If I cross my legs
I would do it but I cannot. I think guys can rock skirts. I think anybody can
rock it
anything and who's to tell you that you're not. If you're confident in what
you're wearing and you feel comfortable in it then you are rocking it
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Men Wear Skirts For A Week

18554 Folder Collection
王鈺炘 published on July 24, 2016    林予倢 translated    Chloe Tyan reviewed
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