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  • We all say we want to be with someone nice; it sounds so plausible.

  • -Did I tell you about this date last night? -What happened?

  • It was, I mean, the worst!

  • You think they're not going to get any worse, but then they do!

  • Just doesn't make sense, I mean, you're clever, you're pretty, you're funny; why can't you find the right man?

  • -Thank you! -Yeah

  • Well, all I'm looking for, I don't think it's too much to ask, is someone who's, you know kind, funny, nice, and normal.

  • But in practice it's pretty hard to deal with niceness when it does come along.

  • So I didn't run; it's so embarrassing!

  • Would you like to go out for a drink sometime?

  • -Yeah, okay! -Yeah, like, I could call you about 9 o'clock after work?

  • -Yeah! Cool! -Brilliant!

  • A tiny part of us might think "If they're any good, why are they interested in us?"

  • I had the most amazing time last night.

  • Thank you.

  • I love the color of your hair.

  • If we aren't totally convinced of our own lovability, another person's affections could be a bit unnerving.

  • "Wouldn't they rather be with someone else? Is something wrong with them?"

  • Their niceness can be so unsettling you might even try a trick or two.

  • Oh, hi! It's, it's me.

  • It's Hannah?

  • People who treat us like shit can seem like they understand something profound about life and about us.

  • Yeah, no, I'm, uh, I'm just at the office at the moment, yeah.

  • Thought I'd call, see what you were doing, if you wanted to hang out.

  • Uh, next week, sort of, time is good. I'll call you.

  • Uh, or yeah, no, uh, you-you call me, an-or we'll figure it out.

  • Their assessment of us is more align with our assessment of ourselves.

  • We shouldn't hold it against nice people if they like us.

  • Maybe they see something in us we've overlooked.

  • But you, the nice ones, shouldn't be naive either.

  • It's very frightening to have to deal with niceness.

  • It can be unfamiliar. It can freak some of us out.

  • So be ready for us to panic and hang on in there.

We all say we want to be with someone nice; it sounds so plausible.

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