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  • M1A1 Abrams - General Dynamics Combat Weight: 57 Tons

  • Crew: 4

  • Engine: 1500 horsepower gas turbine

  • Armament: 120 mm M256 smoothbore gun

  • The Abrams was developed as the main battle tank for the U.S. Army to replace the M60

  • Patton series after the failure of the MBT-70 program. It became renowned based on its excellent

  • performance during Operation Desert Storm and later confirmed its reputation as one

  • of the best main battle tanks in the world in the Iraq War.

  • Unlike its predecessors, the Abrams features advanced "Burlington" armor and a powerful

  • 120mm smoothbore gun, originally developed by Rheinmetall. It is powered by a 1500 horsepower

  • turbine, whose silent operation earned the Abrams its nickname - the "Whispering Death".

  • In Armored Warfare, the M1A1 Abrams is a tier 8 main battle tank. It is a well-balanced

  • vehicle with few real disadvantages. It has excellent protection, powerful armament and

  • good mobility. It can also be upgraded to use more advanced features such as the active

  • protection system and the TUSK armor kit and its only drawback is its poor camouflage factor.

  • The Abrams is not a subtle vehicle and its job on the battlefield is to take and deal

  • punishment from the front line. You'll be able to play with the Abrams during

  • the early access stage of Armored Warfare development.

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M1A1 Abrams - General Dynamics Combat Weight: 57 Tons

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