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  • Why in the immortal words of SirMixaLot does baby got back? Well cause baby got a lot of

  • estrogen and I can't lie.

  • The simplest answer to why women tend to have bigger, bootylisciousier butts than men is

  • that estrogen directs fat deposits into our buns and thighs. Also our boobs but that's

  • another video for another time. Meanwhile in men testosterone tends to discourage fat

  • storage in the buttocks which I prefer to pronounce buttocks cause it's just more fun

  • that way. Due to this physiological phenomenon, our larger lady butts are a female secondary

  • sex trait. Go butts. Alright. Why would the female body do that in the first place? What

  • possible purpose could our larger lady butts serve aside from improved booty-shaking and

  • better looking jeans from behind? Evolutionary biologists think they are posterior signals

  • of our health and fertility. In other words to get guys like SirMixaLot hooked so they

  • can't stop staring. Oh baby they want to get with you and then take your picture and then

  • propagate the species. Far more intriguing are theories about how our lady butts came

  • to be. According to one 1985 theory which isn't so supported these days but is nevertheless

  • kind of hilarious our butts grew large enough to discourage copulation from behind while

  • our breasts grew larger to encourage face-forward copulation. In other words our boobs developed

  • as sort of front-butts to get guys away from our butt-butt and so we could look each other

  • in the eyes while we have tender, passionate love-making in the savannahs. Ahhhhh okay.

  • More recent and more widely supported theory maintains that we evolved our larger lady

  • butts and breasts as a way to store fat and energy during periods of lactation and/or

  • food shortage way, way back in time in the dry climate of the African Rift Valley where

  • it's thought that the earliest humans evolved. Which would also jive with that theory that

  • our butts signal health and fertility. We got a lot of energy stored in this butt for

  • feeding our babies, all of which brings a whole new meaning to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda

  • video. The only thing left for me to do is work on my 'Baby Got Back' remix called 'Evolution

  • likes big butts and it cannot lie'. It's going to be a hit.

Why in the immortal words of SirMixaLot does baby got back? Well cause baby got a lot of

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