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- You look at John Cho and Lucy Liu and it's like
they're probably my age, right?
(whispers) They're not!
(jazzy music)
- So, we've all heard the term black don't crack.
but have you ever heard of the term Asian don't raisin?
Well, I asked some of my coworkers to guess the ages of some
Asian celebrities to find out if, indeed,
Asian does not raisin.
- Oh, she's pretty!
- Is she really 42?
- I don't know.
Maybe, like 42.
(bell dings)
- What?
- The woman is almost 50?
Holy crap!
- She's definitely 28.
Look how nice and white her teeth are.
Okay, all these choices are older than that.
- 45, no, 35!
She looks young, look at those eyes.
(bell dings)
I almost guessed 45 and then I second guessed myself.
- It's like the new 29.
- Ageless.
She could be any age she wants to be.
- 27, maybe?
- She's 27.
(bell dings)
- Why am I 10 years off every single time?
That's not fair.
- Man, I hope I look this good in a few years.
- Ooh, he handsome.
Oh, daddy like.
- He's gotta be a 30 year old, right?
- Is he 50?
Is this gonna mess me up cause he's actually 50?
(bell dings)
- What are they feeding everyone these days?
- This person is not 40.
- She is 19!
I just looked at it for two seconds.
There's no way she is any of the other ages.
- 19.
- I'm gonna go for 19.
First choice, that's what I thought.
(bell dings)
- What?
- People bring back face masks when they visit Korea.
This is why.
- All right.
I think you're making it up.
I think this is all a lie.
- He's very handsome.
He looks great in the suit.
- Because I've been really wrong the whole time,
I'm gonna guess 50, even though I don't think he looks 50.
- 38, with confidence.
(bell dings)
- The only reason I got it right is because I didn't think
he was 38, but I didn't think he was 50.
There was no 40 option.
I would've been very easily fooled.
- Goals, right here.
- I gotta find out what he's in, cause he's kinda my type.
- Black don't crack.
Asian don't raisin.
It is what it is, you know.
- So, enjoy it, because I certainly am.
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Can You Guess The Ages Of These Asian Celebrities?

21863 Folder Collection
李孟錡 published on July 31, 2016    李孟錡 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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