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  • congratulations Britain you did it you must be very proud

  • Brexit is a reality and Scotland on behalf of Europe

  • we can't wait to welcome you back just as soon as you finish your divorce

  • proceedings from that clown

  • oh that's not fair well that's fair

  • now next week i'll try to take into account your many very valid anti-eu

  • comments on my facebook and youtube but today most of the comments on my social

  • media are from very upset British comedians

  • here are my favorites at number 10 is this piece about a man who will no

  • longer be at number 10

  • at number nine is Ben Fogg who writes: under 65 finding it hard to understand

  • today's referendum results then sign up for my new course self-harming bigotry a

  • beginner's guide 10 euros or many many more british pounds

  • your stocks and your commodities have plunged globally as you've mentioned

  • at number eight Frankie Boyle writes

  • still at least we put a stop to economic migration by making the pound worthless

  • at number seven Anil Desai shares the new pound coin at number six my

  • friend Ria Lena writes the observation that's appropriate on any big news day

  • search the back pages for the important legislation stories being buried such as

  • nigel farage admitting that the 350 million per week that he wanted to take

  • out of Europe and put into the National Health Service yeah that's not gonna happen

  • a hundred and fifty million pounds a week we sent to the EU which we

  • will no longer sent to the EU, can you guarantee that's going to get the NHS

  • no I can't

  • at number five comedian Yianni Agislialou characterizes nigel farage and

  • Boris Johnson reacting to the brexit results like this

  • and just look how happy he is

  • at number four if you don't understand UK politics

  • we've gone back to the seventies and David Bowie is dead but Gary Glitter is

  • alive at number 3 is this image

  • mmm baked beans I want that one and number two is Neville Raven who's

  • morning after a sentiment is summed up by the end of the original Planet of the

  • Apes

  • finally really did it

  • you maniacs, you blow it up!

  • damn you


  • and number one is the planet of the apes yes and Nick Mamata's took the ending of

  • the movie and photoshopped in Big Ben

  • and there's one more post which I wish was a joke

  • british frantically googling what is the EU hours after voting to leave it breaks

  • Brexit a victory for democracy

  • Winston Churchill would be proud

  • but for now on behalf of the United States of Europe Britain

  • you are the weakest link goodbye

congratulations Britain you did it you must be very proud

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