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Current tensions between South Korea
and North Korea are higher than they've been in years.
These hostilities continued for a simple reason,
the Korean War never ended.
When combat stopped in 1953,
no peace treaty was ever signed.
Just a ceasefire, which continues to this day,
leaving the two countries separated by the D-M-Z,
or Demilitarized Zone, filled with
high voltage fence and over one million landmines.
And along this no man's land, there is just one point
where these enemies can stand face to face,
the JSA or Joint Security Area.
Here the border between North and South Korea
runs along a concrete curb and bisects
blue conference rooms where the two sides have
occasionally met for diplomatic talks.
The JSA has more often been the sight of
hundreds of acts of violence and provocations.
Given this situation I could think of no
two better people to visit the JSA than
Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun.
Well, we are in the DMZ.
This is ...um..surreal.
Um...That is North Korea right there,
those are North Koreans staring back at us.
He's probably freaking out because he
recognizes both of us.
He's the huge "Walking Dead” and “Team Coco” fan.
That's Bob, we named him Bob,
they do 12 hour shifts.
Does the guy change, but the name stays the same?
We don't know their names,
we just call them Bob.
That guy is shoveling, shoveling.
[Steven} Shoveling Lies.
Can I say you're the best dressed soldier
I have even seen in my life.
Like a Janet Jackson backup dancer, incredible.
He looks amazing.
Let me explain what's happening here.
We're now in a room and we've been told
that when we cross past this table
we will be in North Korea.
Why does this historically significant building
that links these two separated countries,
look so much like the business center of a Ramada Inn?
Sir, you do realize you're wearing sunglasses
indoors in a snowstorm?
Other people are doing it as well.
Okay, I guess if I jumped off a bridge
you would as well.
Sorry, this is probably not the time or the place
for my quips.
You are in North Korea.
I am in North Korea.
I am still in South Korea.
Oh, congratulations.
North Korea
And is this gentleman with us?
Do not touch him, or cross behind him
because if you touch him I can't help you after that.
What are you talking about?
So I will not touch this man
And do not go behind.
This is crazy.
We have just been told not to touch this man
or go behind him,
which is usually my rule with any man.
All right, we're here, we're in North Korea.
From North Korea, the land of our supreme and glorious leader Kim Jong Un
It's Conan
Tonight from The Walking Dead, traitor and tail-chasing dog Steven Yeun
Plus, a soldier that doesn't move
And now, here he is, Conan O'Brien
I'm here with my guest Steven Yeun
from Walking Dead.
So how's your life going?
It's going, going pretty good, I'm getting married.
You're getting married.
That's fantastic.
Thank you.
Did you hear that, he's getting married?
So are you excited about the new season of Walking Dead?
Yeah, it's, we've worked really hard on it.
I'm told you have a clip.
Does North Korea know that we are here right now?
There is a video so they can watch what is happening here
So North Korean officials are watching us right now?
I guess you are not famous in North Korea.
What the hell are you talking about?
He's famous.
I'm huge in North Korea.
I played there last year.
Two minutes, okay.
We've been obviously kidding around a little bit.
But this is a serious thing.
The idea that you and I could be in North Korea talking
and communicating freely seems like
kind of a cool message.
Honestly, I never would have ever,
thought I could do this.
This is the dream, the dream is to unify.
The dream is to bring families and
people together, and that's the hope.
It's so surreal that this separation
is completely man-made and ridiculous.
So let's hope that changes.
Hey this is Conan O'Brien.
I'm reporting from North Korea with the weather.
It is cloudy, overcast,
light snow showers, about 28 degrees.
Here now with the weather from South Korea, Steven Yeun.
Hey thank you Conan.
I'm here in South Korea with the weather report.
It's the same.
We're going to throw a commercial now.
This whole segment has been sponsored by Indoor Sunglasses.
Worn by everyone in the DMZ.
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Conan Stars In North Korea’s First Late Night Talk Show

27608 Folder Collection
Ashley Lai published on September 23, 2017    Ashley Lai translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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