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Last week , I issued a challenge.
I ask the parents of America to put a little holiday tricks on their children,
We did this on halloween with candy and got a lot of response to it.
So we did it again this time for christmas this time I asked the parents tell the kids
They are gonna let them open one present a few weeks early.
But instead of good present I said put something kids won't like in the box.
and then upload the video of that to the youtube labeled
"hey Jimmy Kimmel, I gave my kids a terrible present."
And a lot of people did do this and they did give their kids terrible presents.
and a lot of kids surprisingly reacted poorly to that
What is it? Charlie?
I don't like this.
What is it?
An old banana. An old banana?
Isn't that exciting?? NO.
What are you doing? Pushing it.
Wow, a battery and an onion .
What's wrong? Her don't want an onion.
Did you smell your onion? Here, smell it.
I smelled it!
Open it.
A hot dog.
What is that?
I don't know. I tell it a book stickers.
I am not a girl.
Me, I am not a boy.
I am not a boy, either.
This is the worst present ever.
What is this?
Maresa, what do you tell me all the time about my cooking?
I love it.
You love my cooking, so I made you something.
Why it looks like...
A sandwich that's like that.
-You should appreci ... -I appreciate ..
I heard getting a surprise but I didn't know it will be like that.
A sandwich of mine.
I love your cooking when you cook like dinners.
like hot pockets or lumpia....something like that.
not just a sandwich, I don't want to eat all of it.
Maresa, so you don't want that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. - I'll eat it.
-I don't like it very much. -I'll eat it !
Open it up.
You don't want that for Christmas?
You stinky parents!
Take this back.
Take it back where? This is yours.
I wanna refund!
It's a half-bitten sandwich.
Isn't that what you asked for?
NO. I asked for the toy.
What would you say about Santa?
He put me on the naughty list.
Because you gave me a stupid organic chair.
What did you get, Jason?
Some black bean cheese and a waffle house hat.
What's in there?
A potato. Oh, you got a Mr.potato head.
They're from santa.
They're not. Santa didn't have those things.
You, I saw you and the car in the garage.
those things were not from santa claus.
Are you upset?
You stupid parents. I hate you. I hate you all.
What? I got ponies?
That was your great grandpa's .....
I got ponies?
What's up guys? What's wrong?
You're not excited about your present? I got ponies.
I don't want ponies, they are for girls.
Mine is a stupid book.
look, we thought really hard about what to get you.
Why you didn't do a very good job?
This is the worst Christmas I've ever had.
A stapler?
Trenersa, what you get?
Myle, what you get?
I don't know.
It's an invisible fence for your dog.
was it don't joke?
What Jimmy Kimmel called me to do it.
I'll tell him suck my balls.
I need to say. If Santa can give that kid anything, he is fired, he is done.
He had no credibility anymore.
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YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present

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張玉聖 published on December 21, 2016    張玉聖 translated    Angel Cheng reviewed
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