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You might want to start including more flax seeds in your diet, because we are missing
those great Omega 3 fatty acids from our diets, and flax seeds are a great source. Now we
need those Omega-3 fatty acids because they provide incredible protection for our brain
cells, they also are anti-inflammatory. We need a proper ratio of Omega-3s, Omega-6s,
and Omega-9s in our diets, and we need more Omega-3s.
Flax seeds are a great way to get it, they're very inexpensive and they're easy to use. Flax
seeds also provide a lot of fiber, which we are also missing from our diet. Most people
only get half the daily fiber that they should be getting to help clean out our intestines,
and keep our digestive system healthy and running smoothly.
Now, there are three main mistakes that people make when consuming flax seeds. The first
is that they need to be ground. You don't get the access to your Omega-3 oils in the
flax seeds unless they are ground up. So either pulse them in a blender or use a little spice
grinder or even a coffee mill to grind up the flax seeds before you put them in a recipe
or sprinkle them on top of your food.
The other mistake people make is by not keeping their flax seed in the refrigerator. They
need to stay cool, and they need to be protected from light. So keep them in a dark bottle
in the refrigerator to protect those very delicate Omega-3 oils. The other mistake is
that we shouldn't heat our Omega-3 rich oils like flax because they are very delicate and
heat destroys the benefits.
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Why Should You Eat Flaxseed? | Healthy Food

972 Folder Collection
陳文欽 published on July 5, 2016
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