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What's going on guys Carmine here and welcome to my review for the season 6 finale of Game
of Thrones and all I got to say is what the hell just happened. I've got to say episode
10 was insane and it fulfilled the wet dreams of almost everybody who watches this thing:
Jon is king in the north, Arya gets revenge on Walder Frey, the High Sparrow finally shuts
the fuck up, Dany is on her way to Westeros and R+L=J finally confirmed on the show. Now
if you ask me? this episode gets a 5 out of 5 rating simply because they hit almost every
single nail on the head for every character except one....my favorite Petyr Baelish. That
scene between him and Sansa is the most idiotic I've ever seen Baelish on the show thus far
and we'll get to him in a moment but all that aside? all of it was fantastic. The music
was on point, acting was very good and I absolutely loved the scenery this time around with Oldtown,
the library inside Oldtown and the ships in the last scene. Something Game of Thrones
always does right, along with its big battles, is the scenery and it did not disappoint this
time around. Now let me stop rambling and get on with the review.
First lets start with King's Landing. I didn't expect the Mad Queen theory to come on full
force in this episode but it did deliver on so many levels and then some. Before I continue
let me praise the level of detail on Cersei's costume here. While it looks cool and gives
her a bit of a Darth Vader feel? it does speak volumes to her character. Personally I've
always loved her in the Lannister colors of red and gold but I'm digging this new look
on her. It definitely sets her up to be the villain in season 7 which is a little weird
for the show. Consistently the show has always had a way of making you re-think whose a bad
guy and whose not. Originally we all thought that Tywin was evil but hes just a hard to
please douche. Roose is an opportunist that happens to be an asshole and the masters are
just victims of that high class self serving life style that made them scumbags from birth.
Many of these people you could argue aren't villains like Ramsay or the Night's King but
it seems that the show is going all out to make Cersei the main bad guy for next season.
Her actions in this episode definitely set her up as the villain and I think her descent
into that realm of darkness was spectacular and very well done with some unintentional
consequences with Tommen.
I'll get back to Cersei in just a minute but let me touch on the trial for a bit. i got
to say I just feel bad for Loras most of all. He had to endure all that torture for nothing.
And We also haven't seen him all season and the reason for that is, like Brienne last
season, the actor got a role on Marvel's Iron Fist premiering on Netflix next year but losing
the Tyrell family this episode does hit home for me because I always liked Loras' character
and Margaery going down is not something I expected in a million years. Mace and Kevan
going down was always in the plan of course but almost everyone whose had a story line
in King's Landing has been killed and it gives you a sense of finality. With all of them
gone you can definitely tell that the show is coming to a close very very soon.
What really made King's Landing for me in this episode was the music which really set
the tone. After Cersei puts on her costume, Lancel walks out to go get her and Pycelle
going down in the basement you really start to hear it and it does stick with you throughout.
It did an amazing job of putting me on the edge of my seat and I loved every minute of
it. When Lancel goes down there and he realizes that Cersei setup barrels of wildfire all
over the place you kind of want him to put out the burning candles in time but you just
know hes too much of an idiot that it won't happen. He was very close to the candles and
he could've reached out and grabbed them too but it was too late. It was very satisfying
seeing the High Sparrow go down the way he did and it was pretty graphic. If you go back
and slow it down a little you can see the flesh melting off his body too. I also need
to call out the amazing job Jonathan Pryce and Natalie Dormer did in this episode. When
she realizes something is wrong with the whole situation it really set her character aside
from everyone and showed she isn't stupid and I liked that. Once again I didn't want
Margaery to die because I kind of wanted to see her in Olenna's place trying to face off
against Cersei but at the same time I understand that it was time for her to go. Her character
has pretty much done all she could and I feel like Olenna was always the more interesting
and likable one in that family.
As for Tommen jumping out the window? I really didn't expect that at all. Not only was it
so random and out of nowhere but I never took him for the suicide type. I mean sure he was
a weak and naive fool but jumping out the window? I mean if he was going to kill himself
I figured he'd do something a little less public and more along the lines of poison
or that Essence of Nightshade, which was almost used back in season 2 when Cersei feared that
Stannis would take King's Landing. She prepared to use it on Tommen at the time but at the
last minute it didn't happen. Now that does put a damper on the whole Cersei-Tommen master
plan to catch the High Sparrow off guard scenario. I was really hoping that Tommen wasn't so
damn easy to control and maybe Cersei was able to get into his head and make him somewhat
of a player in the game but no. I will say that it's kind of a shame because I did think
that the plan could've still been implemented with the same results making more sense. Now
I know you guys don't like me doing the whole "if I was writing this" crap but bare with
me for a second it'll be worth it.
Wouldn't it be much better if there was a secret plan between Cersei and Tommen to catch
the High Sparrow off guard and she tells him every bit of the detail until the last part
where she has the sept blow up with wildfire. Tommen seeing this realizes that he basically
helped kill all those people and the guilt is too much for him. He commits suicide because
he cannot become the type of person his mother has made him. She wants him to be strong but
he just isn't like that. To me it would've made sense from a character development point
of view for Tommen to be internally conflicted on who he is and what hes become. This would
show the audience that not every one can make the transition from good guy to bad guy. That
some people would rather lose their lives than lose their morality. Do me a favor if
you agree with me or not let me know in the comment section about my whole idea of tommen
and cersei being in on the plan and him not wanting to be that type of person. But as
I was saying the whole Tommen jumping out of the window due to Cersei's actions kind
of hearkens back to the beginning of the series when Jaime pushes Bran out the window. It's
almost like the Gods are playing a cruel and sick joke on Cersei and Jaime for what happened
with Bran.
But the King's Landing scenes in this episode were all around amazing. I loved Cersei getting
some payback on Septon Unella and making her the zombie Mountain's bitch. I loved Jaime
coming in at the right time to see Cersei crowned as queen and I loved the atmosphere
surrounding all of it when she is crowned. It was dark and ominous with a sense of awe
and fear. All of it was great. They did an amazing job and it definitely hyped me up
for next season when shes actually in charge of everything but what I'm really excited
for is how her relationship with Jaime will unfold and how he'll take the turn of events
that came about in this episode.
Over in the Riverlands the Freys and Lannister soldiers celebrate their victory over the
Blackfish. We get some nice banter between Jaime and Bronn to close out the season and
an awesome discussion between Jaime and Walder which kind of puts the Freys in their place
a little and that's always welcomed.
Throughout the entire feast we see this one girl pouring drinks for everybody and she
kind of gives Jaime the that look. Now some of us don't know what that look is and some
of us do....it's the look a girl gives you when she either wants to rob you for your
money or ride your like a wildebeest or maybe both.
Either way I definitely knew that Arya right away. Why? because the actress they got for
that disguise looks exactly like Masie Williams. Did anybody else notice this or was it just
me? Side by side this girl looks exactly like Masie Williams. I don't know why but I just
knew it was her from the beginning. Maybe it's the nose and the eyes that look alike
but I could tell that was her but this is something I predicted a long time ago but
it was mainly a wish of mine. I don't remember the name of the video I said it in but it
was one I uploaded in 2015 and in it I said that she would go on her first mission and
kill Walder Frey and whisper in his ear "the north remembers muthafucka".
Obviously the muthafucka part wasn't making it on screen but I really thought she was
going to say "the north remembers" but I'm also quite happy with the line we got. It
felt so good to see her kill him...it felt like justice but holy shit...the frey pies?
chopping his sons up and mixing them into pies? Didn't Eric Cartmen on South Park chop
up some guy's parents and put them in Chili and feed them to the guy? Goddamn Arya...I'm
so fucking proud of you. That's my girl. Now all she needs to do is team up with Hot Pie
and we got ourselves a Game of Thrones version of Sweeney Todd. Seriously someone with Photoshop
skills make this happen. But the Riverlands scenes were absolutely epic. Arya getting
her revenge in an insane way was great and getting one last Bronn moment before the season
ends is just icing on the cake.
Beyond the wall we get our last Bran moment of the season and it's a short one with big
purpose. As I predicted Benjen would not follow Bran back over the wall and will instead stay
back in what I assume is a plan to reduce the numbers of wights . It was really cool
to have him back as coldhands but the main focus of the Bran stuff this episode is to
finally see inside the Tower of Joy and we do. R+L=J is confirmed on the television show
and it's to be expected because the show runners have been teasing their support for that theory
for a very long time. I also need to give a shout out to one of my subscribers for pointing
this out to me, thanks a lot Andrey. What he did was point out this really cool easter
egg about Jon Snow being the Azor Ahai.
In this scene Ned takes Arthur Dayne's sword up to the tower and he leans the sword next
to some blankets covered in blood. The legend of Azor Ahai, which is basically the Jesus
Christ of the GoT universe, states that the prince that was promised would be born under
a bleeding star. Theres the star and there is the blood. Not only that but Lyanna constantly
telling Ned to promise her also gives that theory more credibility.
The one thing that I loved that the show did was not spoon feed the audience that Jon Snow
is Lyanna's baby by having Howland Reed come out of nowhere and tell everybody.The show
cut to the baby's face and then cut to Jon's face with some nice dramatic music and I think
they did this tastefully. It was the best way to do it to confirm R+L=J without making
it overly complex or too simple.
Now lets cut to the North with one of my favorite scenes this episode: Davos confronting Melisandre.
Of all the stuff going on in this episode this is the one that hit home for me and I'm
sure many people will agree. The actor did an amazing job convincing me that he really
loved Shireen and that she was like a daughter to him. You could feel the emotion from him
and that is what makes him an amazing actor. It's sad to see Melisandre leave but I think
her character can still maintain a sense of epicness if they team her up with the brotherhood
or go as far as combining her story line with Euron or Cersei for the next season. As for
Jon and Sansa this episode...they were a little weird for me. What I didn't like was that
she never really explain why she kept all that stuff from him at all and but the same
time I did like their little conversation on the wall about their father. As for Sansa
and Petyr? this is what really annoyed me about the whole episode: Petyr Baelish. He
is my favorite character and he completely dropped the ball this episode. Baelish never
reveals his full plans to anybody and him declaring the Vale as allies of the Starks
is really dumb.
Especially considering he wants some of that Sansa and chill but never gets it. She promised
to reward him but he didn't really get to collect on that and that isn't like him. Petyr
is a good manipulator but in the end all he really did was fall for Sansa's cock tease.
It makes the character look dumb for opening his mouth like that without fully trying to
grasp the other person's intentions. Petyr Baelish, despite being one of my favorite
characters, really dropped the ball this episode and it was one of my complaints here but everything
else was pretty solid. The whole north coming in to declare Jon king in the north was epic.
I will say I really loved what they did with Lyanna Mormont this entire season. I liked
that they spaced her role out on the show. It made sure the character didn't grow stale
and annoying on us with so many other child actors doing exactly that. She also took over
Manderly's the north remember speech which I'm fine with but I noticed something with
the Mormonts... they are the number one supporter of jon snow. giving him the sword which helped
big time in that battle against the white walker, the shield that helped jon in the
1v1 against ramsay was a mormont shield and their leader even helped declare him king
in the north. Hell without the mormonts Jon Snow would be Jon icicle by now.
But as I said everything in the North was downright awesome minus that Petyr Baelish
scene. I loved the scene they did when Jon was declared King because it you go back and
re watch in season 1 almost every frame side by side mirrors what happened with Rob when
they declared him king. It was a cool thing to do. The One thing I wanted to see was that
Karstark kid get his ass kicked by Jon or whoever else but it didn't happen. If you
remember he is the only one who didn't join in on the battle with the Umber guy and Ramsay
but it'll probably be in a deleted scene or something. Karstark joins several characters
who appeared a couple of times this season and never returned like Euron and that red
priestess who really freaked out Varys.
Now I'm going to touch on these scenes a little because they're so short there isn't much
to say about them but I still want to mention them. Samwell finally getting to the Citadel
was great. I loved the way they captured Oldtown and the Hightower. I loved the look of the
library and Sam finally didn't get his ass kicked this episode by either family member
or nature. His line of saying "life is irregular" was a bit funny and I did enjoy his scene
throughout the episode. The Sand Snakes return and it was great simply because they didn't
say much and were put in their place by Olenna which I will welcome any day of the week.
Seeing Varys come out of nowhere from the back makes it all that much better.
And finally we come to Mereen with Dany. Shes giving Daario the "it's not you it's me" speech
and he doesn't take it quite well but she does. Despite him loving her she didn't really
seem to care that much. Personally I thought Daario was the harpy and he still can but
it seems very unlikely right now. We also come to find out that Tyrion has persuaded
Dany to let him go before they come back to Westeros and you could say Tyrion is almost
a scumbag for doing this for certain reasons. A lot of people were coming to me and saying
that Tyrion had Dany do that because he was in love with her and he wanted Daario out
of the way but I don't see that. Tyrion is giving her sound advice about the future and
he does love her but hes not in love with her if that makes sense. That whole scene
between them and her making him hand of the king? that was great. I kind of wanted him
to hug her or something because that scene was just so sweet and you can't help but feel
happy for Tyrion.
The ending shot of Dany on her ship with all her allies sailing towards Westeros has got
to be one of the best closing shots for a finale we've ever gotten. Personally I will
always love the finale we got to season 1 and this has got to tie with that one. That
final shot showing all the ships from all those houses who have joined her is great
and we also get a glimpse of the Dothraki and the Unsullied too.
Dany has managed to combined almost every known race of people under her banner. She
has Ironborn, Dornishmen, Andals, Dothraki and Ghiscari, who are the Unsullied, with
her and shes ready to invade.
It's just an epic scene and an amazing ending to this season that leaves you on the edge
of your seat for the next one. Dany's stuff really delivered in this episode and I hope
they keep it up
Overall this episode was amazing. It kept me on the edge of my seat and it was definitely
a game changer. Almost everybody was great this time around and it got me pumped for
the next season. Before I end the video I want to bring out another group of people
who I think deserve your attention. Now I'm a collector of all things cool and when it
comes to Game of Thrones? I go all out. I recently bought this awesome dagger from the
secretcompassonline.com Its a replica of the same dagger used in Bran's assassination attempt
back in season 1. These guys over at the secretcompass are Game of Thrones fanatics and they're selling
one of kind replicas of the Thrones universe like swords, daggers and even the baratheon
crown which is available for a limited time. I'll leave a link in the description below
if you're interested because these are made with real steel and are perfected to look
exactly like the ones in the show plus they also have some of the best prices for these
items so I recommend you check them out. I will be doing a unboxing of my dagger when
it arrives so look forward to that and if you decide to buy some? please let me know.
But guys thanks for watching my videos all this season and putting up with me. See Thats
how you know you have the patience of a saint is when you put up with my crap. So thanks
again and if you enjoyed my video then support the channel and hit that like button, subscribe
if you already haven't and I'll see you all in the episode 10 Q&A video. Have a good one
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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Review

623 Folder Collection
林冠竹 published on July 5, 2016
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