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  • What's up, guys? It's Jeffrey, how's everybody doing? So last week I uploaded a video

  • and in its my dad rudely interrupted me.

  • But you know, it's cool. I didn't really mind at first until i started to read

  • the comments and realize that hundreds of you guys paid more attention to my

  • dad instead of me.

  • He appeared for barely three seconds and already some of you were confessing your

  • love for him, and then i read this comment, That, that's when I I lost it.

  • plus it has 61 thumbs up? You know what, I I feel betrayed.

  • Okay, first off, my dad is already taken, and since when is he even supposed to be a

  • threat to me. And girls listen i'm not saying i'm jealous or anything,but truth

  • is my dad isn't who you think he is.

  • He might put up this really nice image on camera, but in real life it's all fake.

  • And as a matter of fact he's quite heartless, like I'm his own son and he

  • barely loves me.

  • "Hey, I just wanted to say: you're pretty cool, Dad." "Don't bother."

  • You see, my whole life he never even once give me a single

  • compliment. Worse part is it feels like he loves malibu, our DOG, more than

  • he'll ever like me. "Turn! down, down!"

  • "Good doggy! Good!"

  • That's disgusting. She's not even from the same bloodline. Whatever. Oh and that's

  • not all

  • My dad is also a very lazy person. He spends most of his time watching these

  • asian dramas on the couch and and he even falls asleep watching them.

  • Yeah, and also he's not even close to being as manly as you think,

  • like when we asked to help with simple things like gardening, he gets all grumpy

  • because he's too afraid to get dirty.

  • Okay, that's the chair from our living room, and is he wearing Mom's hat? Oh my god.

  • What was he wearing? Oh, and speaking of clothes, I don't really understand his

  • sense of style

  • In fact, I think it's pretty terrible. Okay, so my dad wants me to give him my

  • opinion on shoes he wants to buy was hosted buy. Wait, are you serious?

  • What's wrong with it? But, what are those?

  • And contrary to what most people would believe, in the real life, my dad isn't

  • even that funny, like one thing he thinks it's really funny or cool is to imitate

  • how he thinks I act around my friends. Yo. what ya doing man,

  • you already know who it is.

  • I don't act like that. Anyway, I'm telling you I'm way cooler than him.

  • I hope this clears up some confusion that some of you girls were having. oh! it

  • feels so good to just finally let it out.

  • I mean thank you all so much for watching I'll see you all very soon. This is

  • Jeffrey Fever and I'm pressing the record button now.

  • "Are you talking about me?" "No, Dad, stop trying to be on camera."

  • "what?" "Stop!" "Hi!"

What's up, guys? It's Jeffrey, how's everybody doing? So last week I uploaded a video

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