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  • -[ Gasps ]

  • -I'm going to touch it.

  • -Yeah go ahead. What is it?

  • -What's your favorite food ever? This is tough.

  • -Salad. -Mac and cheese.

  • -Pancakes and popcorn.

  • -My dad's steak.

  • -Pizza. -So good!

  • -What food do you dislike most?

  • -I hate cheese. -Vegetables.

  • -Spinach. -Tomatoes.

  • -What's the face you make when eat raw tomato?

  • -I don't eat it all.

  • -What do you do when someone gives you food you don't like?

  • -Play with it until it got cold.

  • -I'll say, "Hey! What's that?"

  • They'll look that way, run.

  • -Because if it was gross, why would I want to eat it?

  • -Did you know that 1 out of every 5 kids

  • doesn't have enough food to eat?

  • 1 out of five, 1 out of every 5 kids.

  • -Can you turn the bag around and look at the other side?

  • -Oh.

  • -I didn't know it was in America.

  • -I don't know what to say to that.

  • Makes me feel bad.

  • Makes me want to cry.

  • -Wow.

  • -That's a lot of kids.

  • -It's kind of unfair 'cause some people have too much stuff

  • and some people have too little.

  • -For me, I always get to eat lunch

  • and if that's a meal that I am missing,

  • I would feel very disappointed.

  • -Makes me feel like what are we are going to do fix this?

  • -What is something we can do to help fight hunger together?

  • -So over there we have a wall with tons of ideas

  • and we want to add your idea to the wall.

  • -Kids can think, "Aw, that's not possible,"

  • or, "Oh, I'm too young to do this,"

  • but it is possible

  • and you're not too young to do it.

  • -Donate money as much as I can.

  • -Make Thanksgiving every day.

  • -We should all get a group and try to find the foods

  • that would be easiest to give.

  • -And we can take the food

  • to homes where they don't have food.

  • -That's a small way to have a big effect.

  • -Post videos about children not being able to eat.

  • -Everyone brings canned food and they build a big fort

  • and then they donate all the canned food.

  • -And then they can have everything for free.

  • -If there was some machine that can make food, my machine

  • will change it to zero out of 5 kids being hungry.

  • -The tinniest ripples make the biggest waves.

  • If all the kids in the world got together

  • and did something big, they can impact the whole world.

-[ Gasps ]

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Kids Respond to Child Hunger

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    Wei-ning Chu posted on 2016/07/03
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