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Things are moving so fast these days.
We've got Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, text messages, Instagram, and it's just so easy for us to get distracted.
We've got a lot of to-do lists, and sometimes, we forget to take a moment to just be in life.
Do you sometimes feel like your head's gonna explode?
We get distracted, burned out, from all that information.
These days, taking a (pause) is a radical act.
Meditation is one way of taking a pause.
It can help you put the to-do lists to the side, and tune in to yourself and be present to what you're actually doing.
This will make you more effective at work, and at the same time, be able to appreciate the beauty of the world.
Maybe you've tried meditation before, but your mind just can't stop thinking.
Well, welcome to the club.
That's what minds do: think.
So don't worry. You're not alone.
Meditation may look like a whole lot of nothing from the outside,
but it only takes a few minutes of sitting to realize how much effort it takes to focus the mind.
Meditation is about becoming a master of your mind, rather than a slave to its every impulse,
so you can be more focused, effective, and calm in everyday life.
There's now hard scientific evidence supporting the fact that meditation can literally reshape your brain for the better.
It's not only for the monks anymore.
Big companies including Google are bringing meditation into the workplace.
So, are you interested in finding out more about meditation but don't have enough time?
Well, you can. Mindful in May is a one-month meditation challenge starting on May 1st,
that teaches and invites you to experiment with bringing ten minutes of daily meditation into your life, and notice the benefits.
And the money raised during the campaign will help build clean water wells in developing countries.
You'll need motivation for this challenge,
so dedicate your practice to a larger cause by making your own donation,
and invite your friends and family to sponsor and support you in bringing more clarity and compassion into the world.
Watch your mindful ripple make a tangible life-changing difference
to the one in six people living on the planet without access to life's most basic need — water.
It's a win-win situation. Clear mind for you, clean water for others.
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Explainer | What a Simple Meditation can do to your Life

2602 Folder Collection
Chloe Tyan published on July 1, 2016
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