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Join us as we make ready for one dangerous trip
in the harshest environment ever inhabited by mankind, Mars.
With its terraforming aborted hundreds of years ago, and a murderous sun to boot
the Red Planet isn't exactly a hospitable place
and every nook and cranny of the forsaken planet holds deadly, lurking threats.
Many hybrid creatures roam the canyons of Mars.
Originally bioengineered by the first settlers from the genetic makeup of animals found on Earth
they have since gotten loose, creating a budding ecosystem.
The harsh living condition led them to mutate along the centuries
developing effective defence mechanisms.
Most of them are aggressive and territorial
and downright deadly should you fight them unprepared.
But the other human survivors can be just as dangerous.
Ever since Mars got isolated from Earth, multiple factions have risen.
The corporation Aurora, and its rival Abundance which you are part of, are among the most powerful.
More secretive factions exist, such as underworld mobs who call themselves the Vory
the Merchants Guild of Noctis
and the less lucky mutants whose DNA degenerated after being exposed to solar radiations
and who are now living as slaves and outcasts.
You will be able to befriend those factions or antagonize them
depending on your actions and your choices throughout the story.
Hopefully, you have all the tools to survive the harsh environment of Mars.
Technomancer powers can cover a wide range of uses.
You have access to damaging powers
such as the most basic electric arc or the more advanced Electric Storm
but also support powers.
The electric fist will help you control the pace of the combat
thanks to its superior stunning and disrupting ability.
Electric weapon will imbue your current blade, mace or staff with deadly sparks
and magnetic shield will surround you with an intangible field negating incoming damage for a time.
All Technomancer powers are devastating in their own right
but you'll have to use them tactically, as each use will cost you Focus, a slow-regenerating resource.
Each of your powers are upgraded by spending points in the skill tree
but they also all have access to 2 mutually exclusive upgrades, changing the way the power behaves.
Your technomancy powers compliment your combat stance of choice.
Combat with the Staff, signature of a Technomancer
with a blade and gun, mark of a rogue
or, mace and shield, the weapons favored by soldiers.
The combat with the staff is based on mobility and area damage using sweep moves and blows.
Its wide attacks can stagger multiple enemies at a time
and so this stance is most effective against big groups of enemies.
Fighting with the blade and gun requires agility, with careful dodging.
The blade has a higher critical rate than other weapons
and can poison enemies for additional damage over time.
The nailgun lets you control the pace of the combat by interrupting enemies from afar
or land finishing blows at safe range.
Finally, the mace and shield combat stance focuses on defence.
It is less mobile than other stances, but allows you to block incoming attacks and gunshots.
Parrying at the last second lets you stagger enemies and inflict deadly counterattacks.
Just like for Technomancy, each of these three stances has its own skill tree
where you can gain new skills, but also improve them through different upgrade paths.
Whatever your stance of choice may be, your companions will help you in combat.
They all have their own talents complementing yours
tank, ranged combat specialist, healer.
In the midst of battle, you will be able to assign them different behaviors to adopt
depending on the current situation and what you want them to do
such as focusing on melee combat or keeping you alive.
Upgrading your arsenal will be equally important.
You will loot and buy better weapons and armor, or receive them as quest reward.
Each has its own bonuses, and some of them also have crafting slots
allowing you to further improve their stats according to your preferences and playstyle.
You’ll be able to improve damage, resistance
as well as add various special effects such as disruption
resistance to specific damage types, energy regeneration, and more.
However, brute force won't be the only tool at your disposal to overcome adversity.
If you decide to select them, different talents will help you take alternative routes.
The Stealth talent will help you sneak around
taking down targets silently to weaken a group of enemies
or simply to pass through unnoticed.
Traps and Lockpicking allows you to set up traps on the patrol route of enemies
but also often lets you access alternative routes by unlocking doors.
The Science and Charisma talents will allow you to try
and defuse tense situations before they explode
successfully adverting crisis without having to fight.
Survive the many dangers of Mars, and you will become the most powerful Technomancer Master.
Forge the Destiny of Mars, June 28 on PS4, Xbox ONE and PC.
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The Technomancer - Survive on Mars (Gameplay)

457 Folder Collection
蕭胖 published on June 30, 2016
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