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Usually guests come on the show and they tell their own stories
But I thought tonight we'd switch it up a little bit
and tell a story together.
That's right. It's a new game called "three-word stories."
Here we go!
Now, here's how it goes, here's how it works, we're gonna take turns, telling a story three words at a time
For example
I would say, "Yesterday I went"
To the store.
Exactly. There you go.
Now here's the catch, I'm gonna take a card from this deck.
It has a word on it that you've never seen, I've never seen
My goal is to get you to say this word
So I'll try to steer the conversation that way
Alright, let's try it.
Audience can think and see. Oh gosh...
(Mystery Word: unicorn)
In a land
far far away
magical horses exist
like... unicorns?
This is good
We're actually very good at this. Alright, good. Now you go. You try to steer it.
That's good, three-word stories.
I did well, that was a good one.
(Mystery Word: Booty)
You've got to shake
Shake it off
Shake the shake
Yes, you must
at the top
Oh no that's too difficult. Of the pops
I'll start again
Okay, you go.
A beautiful big
I just motivate them lot to get... to make you guess the word
Kim Kardashian's butt?
Makes lots of
Oh, we're going a long way to hopefully come back again. I don't know where we are now
money for Kanye?
I don't know I...
Another word... oh sorry no
is also
Yes! You're the best! Oh my God
Three-word stories! Benedict Cumberbatch!
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Three-Word Stories with Benedict Cumberbatch

40198 Folder Collection
Ruby Lu published on September 15, 2017    Ruby Lu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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