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  • Have you heard people speak in code?

  • Sometimes, they'll use native languages, or make-up words, or even use sign language.

  • How about writing in code?

  • Like substituting letters, digits, and symbols.

  • Coding is challenging and fun.

  • And today, writing code can be an exciting and lucrative career

  • because coding is literally everywhere in our world today,

  • from product codes you see at the grocery store

  • to the computer running your mobile apps, videos, and games on your smart phone.

  • Hey, you could write code, too.

  • If you're a student or young adult, now it's easy to learn with Coding For Kids.

  • Coding For Kids introduces you to the basic concepts of coding

  • and then takes you step by step through the process, completing exercises,

  • until you'll be able to create your very own app.

  • Did you know that only three coders created YouTube?

  • Of course you know how successful they've become.

  • Well, so can you!

  • You just need to get started.

  • And to do that, you can visit DUMMIES.COM for more answers

Have you heard people speak in code?

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