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V: I'm going to test my courage!
[At night, the factory is filled with a creepy vibe] They're filming in here.
[V sets out to go around the abandoned factory by himself to test his courage.]
How can I... ㅠㅠㅠ [No traces of light and it's completely dark.]
How can I go in there? I'm going to ask Jungkook for help. [When he's about to go in, he gets cold feet.]
Today's courage test will be conducted by Jungkook. Let's go. [Eventually he goes with the most daring member, the youngest, Jungkook.]
V: Hey, do you see anything? [He is bravely entering.]
V: You see anything? I can't see anything. [It's scary]
V: Hey...
[Jungkook first scared them with footsteps, and then disappeared into darkness.]
V: Can we have the lights on? Jungkook is missing.
JK: Aigoo... it's no fun, really.
V: This... this...
V: This is here.
[It's really scary...] JK: What is this?
[JK really doesn't seem scared.] JK: Isn't it a laundry basket?
V: It's pretty deep.
JK: Sorry, I'm going to hold the camera. [They set out to explore with a camera.]
[It really seems like a ghost can pop out from anywhere.]
JK: Right now, I can't see anything at the back. No, I can't. [Now without V, he's roaming alone.]
I'm going further.
This is an abandoned factory. In Yangpyeong. [Where are you going? It's scary...]
But I can't see anything.
It's scary, alright. [Even the footsteps sound scary.]
V: *yells*
[He won't budge at the sound of a scream]
[Jungkook hides when V comes in looking.]
[Jungkook spotted!!]
V: Hey! I said I was scared! I'm scared! I'm scared! Come on! [With Jungkook missing, V was terrified being alone.]
V: Because it's scary. I'm terrified! Hurry!
Come on. [The courage test should be over now...?]
[As soon as shooting is over, Jungkook's courage test resumes.] JK: Now we have a courage test.
RM: Jungkook! [This time Rap Monster follows him.]
RM: Jeon Jungkook!
[When Rap Monster calls, Jungkooks dared to hide.]
[Eventually RM takes a flashlight and searches for him.] JK: It's Rapmon hyung.
JK: He's looking for me.
[Jungkook and Rap Monster's adventure begins!] JK: If Hobi hyung was here, he'd be scared.
RM: There's another way there.
JK: Exploring the abandoned factory. [He boldly continues to go deeper.]
JK: It looks haunted but I came in alone. RM: If you're alone, it'd be scary.
[It's 100x scarier than it looks on screen.]
RM: Is there a way there? Over there. JK: Is Hobi hyung there?
JK: Yes, there... all the way down.
RM: Hey, get Hobi and trap him here. [They want to share this horror with J-Hope.}
JK: How can we get him to come here alone?
[So they dragged J-hope into the darkness...]
[Jungkook is hiding while J-Hope and Rap Monster are looking for him.]
[Then Rapmonster is hiding...] JH: When did he get in here?
[Shivering] JH: Hey, where's Jungkook?
JH: Wow it's totally scary at night.
[Terrified, he went out to search for the younger one.] JH: I really can't see a thing here.
JH: Putting light here makes it worse.
[Taking it out on the filming crew] Light that way, please.
Where is Jungkook?
(lol the staff screams too)
What? What? What is it?
[These demons love pulling a prank on the older guys.]
Jungkook? [J-Hope on the verge of breaking down.]
[Are you telling me to go in there?]
It's terrifying here.
This is crazy. Do I have to go look for him?
This is crazy.
Where's Jungkook?
I can't do this. No, I can't.
I don't see Jungkook.
What was that? [JK hiding in this dark place is unbelievable.]
Hey, just come out.
Hey, come out!
Aren't you guys even scared?
You guys are crazy. [Eventually, J-Hope fails to find Jungkook.]
Jungkook's not here.
[The last victim is Jimin.]
JM: I really don't know where he might be.
Whoa, you scared me!
[Jimin is freaked out.]
[But the important thing is...]
Jeon Jungkook...
Jeon Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook! [JK has been hiding by himself for dozen of minutes.]
[He doesn't dare to go any further...]
[In the end, no one found Jungkook...]
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[ENG SUB] BTS Searching for Jungkook in an Abandoned Factory

484 Folder Collection
Vicky Lin published on June 28, 2016
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