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Dad, I learned about essential nutrients at school today.
I am worried about my baby sister.
Is she well-nourished in mom's tummy?
She should be well-nourished; however, there is something more important than having essential nutrients.
Is there?
It is important to get the proper nutrition at all stages of life.
You mean every stage of life has its own proper nutrition requirements?
Then what nutrition do I need?
Let's talk about the nutrition our family needs.
Yes, I want to know more about it.
Your baby sister's stage is called " infancy. "
In this stage, babies grow the fastest.
In order to support this rapid growth, babies are fed foods high in protein and calcium.
What do these foods do for our body?
Protein builds muscles and organs; calcium helps bones grow stronger.
So, what nutrition do I need the most?
The stage of life you are in is called “ teenagers. ”
Teenagers begin a growth spurt that lasts five to seven years.
That means I can still get taller, right?
Right, but you don't have to worry about it.
Extra calories are needed to make the body start this growth fast.
It is important to naturally switch to a diet particularly high in carbohydrates in this stage.
Then what about mom and dad?
Mom and I are in the stage of life called adulthood.
During adulthood, growth slows to a stop,
adults may experience gradual bone loss, and muscle mass begins to decrease.
So many adults must eat more protein to avoid this loss,
and take their diets with extra calcium and Vitamin D supplements.
Wow, I didn't realize that people need different nutrients at each stage of life.
That is so interesting.
If Mom had joined our conversation, she would be able to consider all the necessary nutrients every time she cooks.
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Nutrition at Different Stages of Life

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Kiara published on June 28, 2016
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