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  • Dad, I learned about essential nutrients at school today.

  • I'm worried about my baby sister.

  • Is she well nourished in mom's tummy?

  • She should be well nourished; however, there is something more

  • important than having essential nutrients.

  • Is there?

  • It is important to get the proper nutrition at all stages of life.

  • You mean every stage of life has it's own proper nutrition requirements?

  • Then what nutrition do I need?

  • Let's talk about the nutrition our family needs.

  • Yes, I want to know more about it

  • Your baby sister's stage is called "Infancy".

  • In this stage, babies grow the fastest.

  • In order to support this rapid growth, babies are fed foods high in protein and calcium.

  • What do these foods do for our body?

  • Protein builds muscles and organs,

  • calcium helps bones grow stronger.

  • So, what nutrition do I need the most?

  • The stage of life you are in is called "Teenagers".

  • Teenagers begin a growth spurt that lasts five to seven years.

  • That means I can still get taller, right?

  • Right, but you don't have to worry about it.

  • Extra calories are needed to make the body start this growth fast.

  • It is important to naturally switch to a diet particularly high in carbohydrates in this stage.

  • Then what about mom and dad?

  • Mom and I are in the stage of life called adulthood.

  • During adulthood, growth slows to a stop,

  • adults may experience gradual bone loss, and muscle mass begins to decrease.

  • so many adults must eat more protein to avoid this loss.

  • and take their diets with extra calcium and Vitamin D supplements.

  • Wow, I didn't realize that people need different nutrients at each stage of life.

  • That is so interesting.

  • If Mom had joined our conversation, she would be able to consider all the necessary nutrients every time she cooks.

Dad, I learned about essential nutrients at school today.

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