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Hello, how are you?
-Good to see you.
Good to see you too!
Isn't this so exciting to be here at the GQ awards?
Very, very exciting. I mean I'm surrounded by so many friends it's wonderful. You know
it's really lovely. I remember when I first came to this I didn't know many people then
sort of all of my generation of guys started doing well and then they start appearing here
so it's very exciting.
Who will you be then finding later to have a bit of a dance, have a bit of a catch up?
Well, Richard Madden I haven't seen in a while. He's a very good friend of mine so yeah I'm
looking forward to seeing him a lot.
Now this is the ultimate boys' night but what happens on your ultimate boys' nights?
What happens? I just have fun I mean we all work so hard I haven't, you don't get the
chance to see your friends all the time, you're off here, there and everywhere so it's nice
to sort of bring us all together, put us in the same place and have some free booze and
have some fun.
If you could give a GQ award to anyone, who do you think is really killing it at the moment?
What a GQ award? Anyone? Erm, OR! That's a hard question.
There are so many, there are so many!
I've just seem Peter Capaldi, give it to him.
Yes, well done!
And lastly you have literally had the most busiest kind of year out of most actors - in
the next four months what are you most looking forwarding to?
Well, I'm really looking forward to I'm going to Toronto Film Festival in - on Friday and
opening a movie, the Riot Club, which I'm really excited about. So, we're opening then.
That's my, that's immediately what I'm doing next.
You have the coolest cast.
Very cool cast, yeah!
Amazing. Well, enjoy tonight and see you a bit later.
-Thanks so much. See you in a bit.
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GQ Awards: Douglas Booth talks new film Riot Club and catching up with friends

197 Folder Collection
s7003122 published on June 26, 2016
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