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Passive aggressive comment.
Heightening my voice and softening my facial features.
Maintaining my tone but saying the opposite.
I wish I couldn't read your energy,
but I totally can.
Keeping my cool while frantically trying to figure out
what this is really about.
Letting my real attitude seep through.
Charmingly trying to decipher
why the fuck you're mad.
Reminding you of something this is totally not about.
Matching your tone, trying to get the upper hand.
Presentation of evidence.
Scrambling, scrambling, scrambling.
Feeling like I'm winning and losing at the same time.
Changing the subject to how you acquired the evidence.
Keeping on subject.
Pretending like my issue is just as legitimate as yours.
Raising my voice so you know I'm serious.
Questioning your sanity as to label myself
the level-headed one.
Asking for answers, although I might not want them.
I have excuses.
They're bad excuses, but I have them.
Trying to explain why I'm not 100% wrong,
even though I know I'm not 100% right.
Chris, projecting all of my past relationships
onto you, blaming your entire fucking gender,
cutting you down in an entirely new way.
Bringing up something that you did
a long time ago that's a little bit like this.
I hate that you're kind of making me understand
your situation.
Now I'm just getting angry so I don't feel
like the bad guy.
I want to hurt you but I would never throw this at you.
Power move.
Well, now I'm acting like I'm mad about that.
I regret that.
Vulnerable emotion.
Vulnerable effort at an explanation,
and apology.
Feeling like I can't trust you for the first time.
Getting your attention, getting your attention.
I would never fuck this girl
unless I was single, and then I totally, totally would.
Reluctant to accept your loyalty.
Lighthearted comment and effort to change the tone.
Speaking like a normal person,
but not forgetting this.
Trying to end this on a positive note.
Suggesting we do something that you love,
even though you know I hate it.
Glad we're on the same page,
but filing this so I can bring it up
in a later fight.
All coming up on ending your television
masqueradeing as reality in an effort to sell ads.
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If Couples’ Fights Were Honest

16150 Folder Collection
Angela Hsu published on August 4, 2016    Clément translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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