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  • Passive aggressive comment.

  • Heightening my voice and softening my facial features.

  • Maintaining my tone but saying the opposite.

  • I wish I couldn't read your energy,

  • but I totally can.

  • Keeping my cool while frantically trying to figure out

  • what this is really about.

  • Letting my real attitude seep through.

  • Charmingly trying to decipher

  • why the fuck you're mad.

  • Reminding you of something this is totally not about.

  • Matching your tone, trying to get the upper hand.

  • Presentation of evidence.

  • Scrambling, scrambling, scrambling.

  • Feeling like I'm winning and losing at the same time.

  • Changing the subject to how you acquired the evidence.

  • Keeping on subject.

  • Pretending like my issue is just as legitimate as yours.

  • Raising my voice so you know I'm serious.

  • Questioning your sanity as to label myself

  • the level-headed one.

  • Asking for answers, although I might not want them.

  • I have excuses.

  • They're bad excuses, but I have them.

  • Emotions.

  • Trying to explain why I'm not 100% wrong,

  • even though I know I'm not 100% right.

  • Chris, projecting all of my past relationships

  • onto you, blaming your entire fucking gender,

  • cutting you down in an entirely new way.

  • Bringing up something that you did

  • a long time ago that's a little bit like this.

  • Denial.

  • Accusation.

  • I hate that you're kind of making me understand

  • your situation.

  • Now I'm just getting angry so I don't feel

  • like the bad guy.

  • I want to hurt you but I would never throw this at you.

  • Power move.

  • Well, now I'm acting like I'm mad about that.

  • I regret that.

  • Vulnerable emotion.

  • Vulnerable effort at an explanation,

  • and apology.

  • Feeling like I can't trust you for the first time.

  • Getting your attention, getting your attention.

  • I would never fuck this girl

  • unless I was single, and then I totally, totally would.

  • Reluctant to accept your loyalty.

  • Lighthearted comment and effort to change the tone.

  • Speaking like a normal person,

  • but not forgetting this.

  • Trying to end this on a positive note.

  • Suggesting we do something that you love,

  • even though you know I hate it.

  • Glad we're on the same page,

  • but filing this so I can bring it up

  • in a later fight.

  • All coming up on ending your television

  • masqueradeing as reality in an effort to sell ads.

Passive aggressive comment.

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If Couples’ Fights Were Honest

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