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Turn around.
Turn around.
Wait, why?
I have to change.
But, like, we were both naked last night.
Like I've seen you and you've seen me already.
(sighs) Turn around.
Okay, whatever.
Keep going. Keep going.
See now I don't feel comfortable
cause now you can see my butt and--
Oh my gosh.
I'm not okay with that.
I'm done.
(camera shutter clicks)
Oh, that's really nice, you gonna post that?
Do you want me to post it?
Ah! I love the internet.
People are outta control. (phone vibrating)
Ooh, my mama.
Hi, Mom.
Yeah, no, I'm just, I'm at home chilling.
No, not busy.
You ready to go camping?
Yeah, yeah.
Let's go.
I love camping.
Me too.
You wanna get the best spot you gotta get there early.
I really, really, really like you.
I really, really, really like you, too.
Yeah, we like each other.
Yeah, super like.
A lot.
-A lot.
It's like a picture of me and you together,
so it's kinda like are we, might,
I think, I'm definitely cool with posting it.
No I am, I'm cool. [Man] Yeah.
Just say it.
You say it first.
I heard you almost say it the other day.
Yeah, but I didn't, and when I almost said it, you almost said it, too.
You're comfortable, right?
Yeah, totally.
Ooh, it's up there. Done.
It's up.
It's me and you.
It's a thing.
In a picture to the world.
Yeah. This is crazy.
But you have to say it first so I can almost say it back.
But if I say it first, then you might not say it
and then I might feel uncomfortable,
so I think you should say it first
because you think you know what I was gonna say.
(birds chirping)
Good morning.
Good morning.
You look so beautiful.
Aw, thank you.
I had a great time.
Me too, I enjoyed it a lot.
Okay, text me later?
Yeah, of course.
(kissing smooch)
No, I have to be at work at, like, 2 AM.
You gotta work at 2 AM? Yeah.
You're late. I'm late.
Oh, this is horrible.
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Weird Things New Couples Do

22324 Folder Collection
Shirley Huang published on July 24, 2016    Shirley Huang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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