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- Oh, my God, we figured it out.
- They're meant to be.
- We figured you out, Australian snacks.
- On a level one to 10, I'd say
I'm probably like an eight.
- Yeah, I was gonna say like a six, seven.
- I'm like a nine, maybe.
- Maybe I'm a nine, also.
- What, what's the question?
- Think I know what this is.
- I thought it was Nutella, but now I know that--
- This is Vegemite.
- I've never heard anyone speak positively about this food.
- I can't.
- Oh my God, what is it?
- There's a lot happening.
- It's really salty, which I love.
- I imagine that eventually you stop making this
facial expression while eating it.
- So, is this for when you're sick?
Or is this just like a normal candy.
- It's like a spa for your mouth.
- This is the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.
- What am I tasting?
- This is relaxing.
- It's like a palette cleanser.
- This is not a stoner food--
- Yeah. - For me.
- Tim Tams!
These are all so great.
- A brand new culinary experience for me.
- Ah, so like they melt in your hand.
- Can I have another one?
- Yeah, it's good.
- These are like the Girl Scout cookies of Australia.
- I'm super into these.
Whatever hype that you have heard,
I'm sure this is living up to that.
- It lives up to it.
- I see myself sitting down and like,
I'm gonna have one--
- Yeah. - And then--
- And then you have the whole box.
- Fucking monster.
- Ooo, Cheezels.
- Fingerlicious fun.
- Okay. - I am pro-Cheezels.
- [Man] Okay, Cheezels.
- They're meant to go on your
finger like that, look at that.
- Are they?
- I think I'm in love with Cheezels.
- I'd move in with Cheezels.
- I can see myself taking Cheezels home to meet my parents.
- This is a good stoner food.
- You know what I wanna say to Cheezels?
- No.
Oh, my God! - I do.
- I do, Cheezels.
- All right, Milo, let's give it a try.
And, hopefully, we'll be running
like this girl playing soccer.
- And, it's like Nesquik, kind of.
- Some people eat it dry.
- I feel like I'll forget how to swallow.
- We have this right here, so you forget.
- Doesn't taste as bad as it smells.
- Oh, that is nice.
- Yeah right.
I think it's tricking me that it's good for me.
- My kid would look at this and cry.
- Caramello Koala.
Koalas are a big deal, huh?
They're vicious, I hear.
- Look at this guy.
- I'm sad that it's so cute, cause, like,
there is a little bit of me that
is not enjoying biting the heads off of things.
- This is an Easter candy.
- It's like a Hersey's chocolate bar.
The caramel from like Twix.
- These are really sweet.
- 10 out of 10 would munch on Koalas again.
- Twisties, that's a cute name.
- All this shit tastes way more natural
than the food that we eat, though, I will say that.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- I mean, they're really good, but . ..
- Like a Bugle if anybody's ever had--
- Ooo, it does taste like a Bugle.
- I see myself eating these, like, in my parents' basement.
- I get you, Twisties, I'm on board with Twisties.
- Australians can't get stoned?
- It's illegal?
You guys are a country that started from criminals.
- I liked, probably 75%, 65% of them.
- I think this is great stoner food
- Tim Tams!
This is data for a file picture.
And here's what he looks like
when you meet him in real life.
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Stoned Americans Eat Australian Snacks

19941 Folder Collection
朱育岐 published on June 26, 2016    Clément translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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