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Hello my name is Stacy Schulz and welcome to this edition of Exploring
In the studio this evening we have Bill Tischer
Welcome to exploring aviation Bill, so how did you get involved in aviation
well here
to years old
and network
one of my co-workers was forking to fly
and he was tell me how by natives and all the great stuff
soul he said yeah i should just go out to the airport watch people bounce
and so long i drove up to the airport
pinocchio purchased on the road from here
end for two feet off the start
bangin onto the runway and people were walking away from publicis kaplan
and they had back then
it was an intro to play for fifteen dollars
and so you know they
cast the little real with the fifteen oh nine and then they took their rights of
the hook
and planned
eighteen years
about answering it
we now do you own your own aircraft at this point
yeah i've got two airplanes myself
and i'm in a club with four other airplanes fall
total six airplanes because you can never have enough airplanes
so i've heard about the certificate or against the first level of training
called the private pilot
uh... certificate would i i wanted to join the fight club but i'd be able to
do that mom with the private life
uh... there's actually even to other levels below the private
there is the recreational pilot
is sort of like a private pilot's license
on its debt
more tighter restrictions and what you can do
it costs less
because you don't have to do those extra things
and then
what was later on
himself up with the last five years as a sport pilot
which is catching on more than the rate com
recreational whisper pilot
they actually created a category of airplane
so you don't have to go on
uh... playa sauce or whatever and so there's a lot of new airplanes coming
out now that
are in the sport pilot category
um... that's less training that a private pilot
uh... does have limitations like to camp lightly
he can't
extra training on long trips things like that
it's designed for the people that want to be able to disco out
and have some fun playing around
without all the extra stuff that made me zone they're not interested in any way
folding a safe time save money
and you get the file our cool new planes are just coming up
and remainder standing you
basically on
you're like a shareholder
in america yet so if you do a club
exactly sold the way these things work is you payloads anywhere from three
hundred dollars
down to the three year five thousand dollars depending on the club
and that gives you a share of that airplane
there's usually a monthly
dues kind of thing to belong to the club which is in the twenty five dollar range
something like that
and then there's the actual
cost of the airplane
clubs vary from time to time as far as what they charge
but in general there a little bit you for that
uh... going to a regular flexible
the members themselves are the ones flying it for the insurance rates are
generally lower
so they don't have to try to strike
sir style
so find me on
young high school soon and fourteen and i and say i'd like to go
tell my parents and i were flying from christ are at the age of fourteen or
that i want to wait on eighteen years old not of high school nope home the
only limitations yukio solo until you're sixteen years old
so you could start
applying at any age really but you just will be able to sold here sixteen
on my head a student
that his dad would bring in
armistead actually worked at lockheed martin designing
military fighter jets and stuff
and maybe three or four times he uh...
of the year
he would bring a suno
him and i think we start when he was twelve
little by little expose them more and more deviation followed by the time you
what just happened plane
outside a mock crystalline
they'll be on as well
uh... grades so loved
he could start doing as private license and then if you wanted to go let's say
the airline later on
brave intentionally he could go to a university
rate continue his education along with his on exactly dept so
come to fly commercially maybe eighteen years old
uh... theirs
a few more things that you have to learn how to do
uh... there's that relaxed rules that you have to learn but
it's not a large skeptical from the private pilot to commercial pilot
and like you mentioned there is a number different ways you can do it you could
learn at a private schools such as the ones that in ok county airport
you'll do just fine
or you can go to places like the university of north dakota where you can
actually agree
army navy asian as well as
giving while you're fine credentials
just goes on
how you were doing
here haim
found that there is i rather misconception about
uh... when you say you're getting your commercial license everyone thinks
you're going in airline
does that have to do something with relation
or is it just and naming issue human wealth
the uh... commercial license allows you to get paid
so there's things that the f_a_a_ what you learn
so that you don't calls me accidents or
you know on
by people around for higher that
you know you may be able to fly people for higher but the airplanes art it'll
be fun for higher 'cause there's different regulations for maintenance
arm so the first step is to get the commercial license that allows you to
get paid but that like is that it doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna be
jumping into the laughs theater right seat of a boeing seven thirty-seven
there's fewer things you gotta learn right couple my fat exactly my course
the key for the seven thirty seven word he right
and we're scott that in fact backplate
fo and with your aerobatic fine
um... what types of
treated you have to go through for that
usually you're just gonna turn the plane upside down and go wow this is like a
arm that's one way become aware of your own
uh... there's a lot of really fine pilots that just figured it out
and they're still with us today uh... then there is
actual instructors so that you can
you know for
whatever they charged take you up and aerobatic airplane learn how to do
films is power in the first basically over and we were on rolls lou
ts hammer has all that kind of stuff
but yet have a special plane
they can do that you can just do that with any older plateful him and practice
practice practice for it
probably your favorite part of your flying would you stay at war
you know every part of flying it's different for the post on what you're
homemaker in the mood to go flat side down
then that's fine if you want to just goal
you know river and look at the countryside that into
homemaker hauling
you know uh... cancer patient
you know to their treatments
well it just depends good you're not going to do any aerobatics stuff with
you know doing all these cancer patient flights operated
it is a broad green giant
absolutely need to do with aviation
effect aside from making a career that at the airline
right near shows
uh... family
training people it
to be a flight instructor you could be a airline pilot you could be a air
ambulance pilot
you can be a maintenance person
by profound
where we learn it
that sounds great sounds great
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Exploring Aviation Pilot - Part I

2556 Folder Collection
ZaiZai Chang published on April 29, 2013
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