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(happy, relaxed music)
Welcome to Paris, the City of Light.
Today is gonna be very exciting.
I'm gonna head out on a sightseeing tour
and check out all the most amazing things
you've seen in movies and books.
It's gonna be a fun day.
There's a lot to see, so I gotta head out right now.
(happy, enthusiastic music) Okay, listen up!
If you like museums, then you are in luck
because I'm standing in front of the Louvre.
(happy, relaxed music) Let's grab some fun!
I could've bypassed so many years of art history
if I had just come to the Louvre for one day.
I'm surrounded by the world's best works of art.
It's pretty cool!
There she is! The Mona Lisa!
The most popular piece of art in all of the Louvre.
Check it out!
Notre Dame!
Notre Dame, it is a masterpiece on the outside obviously.
But, on the inside, it is just absolutely
serene, and quiet, and beautiful.
(happy, relaxed music)
One of the best ways to see the top
attractions in Paris is on the Seine River.
Hey! (laughs)
This is so much fun!
There's people all around this river.
People hanging out on the side.
You see all of these monuments, just floating by.
Some beautiful buildings are right along, everywhere, here.
It's perfect!
Check it out!
There she is!
The Eiffel Tower in all of her glory!
From far away, the Eiffel Tower doesn't look all that tall.
But when you get here and you look up, (laughs) it's huge!
(happy, enthusiastic music)
Look at this!
The Eiffel Tower is 986 feet high.
It's the tallest building in all of Paris,
and this is the place to go for a view like this.
(happy, relaxed music)
Did you know that you can actually
eat a meal in the Eiffel Tower?
I don't think anything is gonna top this experience!
The view is amazing,
and I have food and Rosé!
This tour was incredible!
I got to see so much of Paris:
traveling along the Siene River, visiting the Louvre,
the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame.
It's hard to believe I saw it all in just one day.
(happy, enthusiastic music)
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Visit Paris in one day

41844 Folder Collection
NNN published on September 17, 2016    綾羅飄起 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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