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Hi, this is Han with CEMarking.Net
If you've visited our website, you've seen that we have some videos on products that we
found in the market that have CE marking and that
really do not require it,
and I think I've found another product. Let's have a look together.
So what we've got here is the Fatt Gecko Mini Camera Mount
I ordered this product over the internet and it arrived.
When a looking at it I noticed here on the back
it has the CE marking affixed to it
When looking at the installation instructions I was
searching for the information that says
or directives the product complies with. I couldn't find it here.
But maybe you can help me to determine.
So what you see here is basically the core of this product.
it's the mount with
the suction cup.
And here you can mount the camera.
It's a quarter of third inch thread
and that's basically the product.
I'm trying to determine which directives apply, but
really there is um... I think you can agree with me that there are no
CE marking directives that apply to this. It's not a machine or electrical device or
medical device.
Actually, it is a product that does not come under any CE marking directive,
and for that reason
it is not allowed to affix the CE marking to this product.
So, I think we can say that we busted yet another manufacturer misusing the
CE marking
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Busted! Another False CE Marking

186 Folder Collection
test published on June 15, 2016
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